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  1. So I want to start over since the cellphones I was collecting are glitched. What is the best approach for this? Delete everything and just start multiplayer then start campaign or what?
  2. Is there a video that shows off where all the clothing items are?
  3. That is probably when it happens. This is what happened to me in DR3 while I was playing the DLC campaign and had it glitch out on me. However, in DR4, I have yet to be kicked out of the game. It just happened.
  4. Something similar just happened to me. I picked up the last cellphone collectible I needed and it stayed at 66/67... Fuckin' great...
  5. Did you all try hard resetting your consoles?
  6. Remember there was a similar glitch with collectables in DR3. It was never patched lol. I had to delete my save file and start all over again to gain one final achievement from one of the DLCs.
  7. Got this one last night. You'll need to start Case 0 again and it's right at the beginning. The Case starts off and has you go to the right little guard shack where you get the keycard. Walk past the shack and you will see a unit that has a rollup door. Walk towards the door and it will automatically roll up. The Zombie Tag will be on the back wall, you can't miss it.
  8. Was about to make a post about this. I'm stuck at 161/163. Thanks for the video, I'll give it a run through when I get home.
  9. In case others out there are having similar issues with the Vacuum upgrade that I was, I made a quick post with a solution that has been working for me. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6850190&postcount=5
  10. Yeah, definitely. Oh well, hope it gets patched. The semi-fix I tried earlier stopped working soon after. I realized it wasn't that the ZDC agents were in the area, but that it seems that the devs had something in mind like stopping the player from upgrading if they get hit. Similar to making a combo vehicle or weapon and being hit during that. It seems that they decided against this and removed this from happening with Exo-suit upgrades as no animation happens stopping the player from putting on the upgrade. Also it only happens if you get hit after he has fully put on the suit. I did stumble upon a really quick fix though that has been working really well. There's a checkpoint that sometimes activates at the four way street. This allows the player to respawn across the street from where the Exo-suit and Vacuum upgrade are. So, now all I do is load up the checkpoint and run across to grab the Exo-suit and run all the way around the corner to the left side of the Vacuum upgrade to grab it. This usually prevents any bullets from ZDC agents to hit you while putting on the suit. I do my grind session from there and hit the surrounding Event spots to get a few thousand more PP. It has worked most of the time.
  11. Found a semi-fix for it. I went to the next city over, completed some trials there, and went in to its safe house. Went back to the grind spot and it worked a couple times around. Got hit by a zombie and I was forced to do this again.
  12. I came across this issue while doing the grinding method where you get the Exo Suit and upgrade with the vacuum right around the corner. Not sure if some of you have seen, but sometimes when you are putting on the upgrade, zombies or enemies are able to run in to you and it will negate you putting on the upgrade. The upgrade will disappear and you will have to just reload those items via a checkpoint. However, it got to the point where the upgrade would just not apply anymore. I realized that, for some strange reason, that if ZDC agents were in the area, it would not apply the upgrade. I was able to bypass this by getting the Military upgrade that is at the cross walk then running back and getting the Vacuum upgrade. However, now that does not work anymore either. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have tried resetting the game and even hard resetting the console.
  13. Alright, so this guide should get rid of the portion that tells you how to get all the pieces to the key. The colored keys and key pieces are in locations that are randomized. The map was the most helpful thing. After I found all the keys I would just start grinding.
  14. Just finished Chapter 5 tonight. Fucking amazing. Game/ story wrapped up perfectly. The ending definitely had me laughing and smiling the entire time. I think this is a great way to end a series. However, I wouldn't be opposed to another one ;P.
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