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  1. I'm in the same boat. It's gotta be a random character, since they're worth .5%. I got the achievement for meeting them all (my stats show 12 met) so the .5% would have to be for a second/third meeting. The only one I'm not sure I did was Marnie's 2nd, but she is not showing up, and I kind of remember doing it. I've read some guides saying you have to pick up the money after the 3rd meeting with Jeff. I'm not sure if that is required for it to count, but if it is, I'm boned. 60 hours of play time (not including the hours that didn't count because I'd reload missions when I failed to not waste precious time in the complete under 30 hours achievement) and I can't get the 100%.
  2. I've run into a similar problem. I am stuck at 99.5% and I'm almost certain I've done all of the random character missions. Looking back at some other guides, it mentions picking up the money in the 3rd encounter with Jeff, which I don't think I did. If that needs to be done, I don't think it counted the 0.5% for completing this one, and I'm afraid I put in almost 60 hours and won't be able to get this one.
  3. I'm not sure if you've got this figured out yet, but in case you haven't...It sounds like you're missing an activity with a friend. The random strangers are worth .5% each, and the friend missions are 1.67%. Make sure you've beaten everyone in each available game. You also need to beat a friend in a full 10 frame game of bowling (as I understand it). I think I may be screwed, stuck on 99.5% because I didn't pick up the money in the 3rd encounter with Jeff. I got the achievement for meeting everyone, so the remaining .5% I'm missing has to be a second meeting with a rando unless it's glitched.
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