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  1. So it turns out there is a mysterious new website that's just gone online. It features a Halo 5 logo and a picture of a bullet with the word "Traitor" engraved in the side. At this moment, the countdown timer beneath it is a little under 3 days from finishing. Normally this is something you would take with a grain of salt, especially after the disappointment with Fallout 4, but Halo has a history with Viral events and Frankie has even verfied the authenticity of it on his Twitter account. In 2 days and 22 hours, something is going to happen. http://huntthetruth.tumblr.com/
  2. Anybody interested in boosting the last DLC pack for Halo 4? I realized not to long ago that this had achievements and I never completed the series, so I want to knock these out quickly. I have 4 controllers, so I can splitscreen it if necessary. I'm also setting up a match in the sessions section if you're interested.
  3. I would like a Mass Effect spin-off inspired by L.A Noire. Imagine being able to play as C-Sec officer, perhaps Bailey or even Garrus before the events of the Trilogy. The game would be set in a sandbox model of the Citadel where you can visit any of the 5 wings, the Presidium, the Wards, etc... and you would be responsible for handling various criminal elements around the station. Anything from petty theft to dealing with the Blue Suns and Eclipse drug trading. I'd love to see Garrus take on his version of Cole Phelps interrogation. Plus imagine the nuances that could be built inth the physiology of the different alien races. Obviously they don't all show guilt or suspicion the same way. Hanar don't have faces, Elcor don't have personality in their voices, you can't even see Quarian or Volus. It would be a great chance to explore the ME Universe again and get to know it on a more personal level. Besides that, I really want a teaching game that utilize the Kinect. By teaching I mean give us a child we can raise or perhaps a robot that you can teach gestures, actions, language, etc... For anybody not familiar with it, there was a game on the original Xbox called [email protected] that used the Xbox Communicator to teach a robotic office assistant how to speak and function. It never left japan, but it was brilliant for it's time and seeing an updated version of that utilize the Kinect would be nothing short of amazing. It would make that Milo tech demo look like garbage in comparison.
  4. Halo: Master Chief collection. Just booking it through the game on Normal will easily net you about 80-90. If you know where you're going, you can easily speedrun all of the levels. On normal that's an achievement for each level in Halo, of which there are 38. Plus another 38 for completing each level under par time. With a co-op partner, you get another achievement for beating any level. Plus you get 4 more for the completion of each level and one for the completion of every campaign. Than if you do it under the Master Chief playlist you get one for the completion of that Playlist as well OR you can do each campaigns individual playlist and get 4 total instead of the one. Adding that together, you get 86 achievements, which for your 30-40 range, gives lots of room for leeway. Edit: Apologies. I didn't realize I was under the 360 board. I thought this was the games board. Disregard this post.
  5. Quoted for Truth. Also the last good Call of Duty game they released, in my opinion (or did Big Red One come out after CoD2? They were both came out around the same time, just on different console, and were both really good.)
  6. Just picked up DoA5: Last Round and GTAV because I really have nothing better to do this year besides Tales from the Borderlands and Life is Strange until Halo 5 comes out.
  7. I tend to agree. Kenny was one of the most worthless and obnoxious characters in both Seasons. I tried to make things work with him in Season 1, but he continued to be an asshole every time something happened, so by time he came back in Season 2 and had somehow gotten worse, I'd decided to do what I could to kill him. When I went back through both Seasons on XB1, I ended up making Lee indecisive by never actually replying to anything anybody said except being an asshole to Kenny and Clementine just completely ignored Kenny as much as possible. I think this kind of boils down to the same issue that Mass Effect had. Everybody was expecting our decisions to have this huge impact on the plot and for it to skew off in drastically different directions, but really all I've ever expected (and all anybody should expect honestly) is small tailor-made customizations to our version of the world. Do you get Doug's commentary or do you get Carly's commentary? Do you take a more aggressive approach to being captured or a more submissive approach. It does a good job of making the world more in sync with how it would be if you were actually in such a situation, but it keeps the straightforward plot on course. It sucks that we aren't to the point yet where big-name games can have drastically branching plotlines (even though class-based games like SWTOR effectively do it in the build-a-character setting rather than integrating it into the main game unfortunately) but every good idea has to start somewhere. Personally I have high hopes for the next Season of TWD implementing some new features. With the way the 2nd season ended, I'm really hoping they're going to take a more gameplay-style approach to some of the segments and really let you focus on the management aspect of having a camp. I'd like to see some Tower-Defense style gameplay implemented where you work with your group to reinforce your home, manage your resources, send groups out for supply runs, fight off walker attacks, etc... Remember that awesome idea in Fable 3 for making decisions as the King and how it would alter the kingdom that actually ended up really sucking? Let TWD do something like that, but actually get it right this time.
  8. If anybody is interested in running through the Co-Op achievements, drop me a message on here or on Xbox Live. I already have the achievements for getting co-op medals and getting all gold because I played on the Xbox One, but apparently I still need 10,000 kills, play with 5 different people, and complete each of the maps.
  9. Unfortunately, yeah. I don't think the game was online longer than a year or so. It was pretty amazing though. The game had a sort of map with the different territories for each faction and every match would affect who controlled what territory and eventually one nation would dominate the world and had all the perks because of it. They would reset and start the world over after a set period of time, but it was almost always dominated by one particular faction. From time to time there would also be a randomly spawning super mech controlled by the AI and it was a blast watching a few dozen people attempting to tear this thing down. As player would die, they would be ejected from the match and new players would join in progress to continue the fight. Probably the coolest feature was the customization system. The way mechs were built, you had 4 separate weapon systems (Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, IIRC) You could install any kind of weapon to each system and you would toggle between the four to fire, but you also had the ability to customize system combos. You could tie together both of your shoulder systems to fire simultaneously or even rig it to fire all weapons at once depending on your preference. To make it better, weapons had attachment slots. Depending on the weapon you used, you had the ability to attach other weapons to your weapons. So if you attached a Rocket Pod with 3 attachment slots, you could add 3 more weapons to it. If you wanted, you could add 3 more rockets to your rocket, than add 3 more rockets to each of those rockets, and so on if you wanted to. You just had to worry about how much weight it could handle and how much energy it needed to use them. With the right build, though, you could build ridiculous monsters like the Planet Destroyer you see here: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHripd6L8dM[/ame] I thought Singularity was a great game. It was nothing special, mind you, but the storyline was entertaining, the gameplay was solid, and it did have some cool weapons like the Singularity Rifle. I played through it a couple times before parting ways with it.
  10. If anybody is interested in just playing a few matches, I'm up for playing for a couple hours. I'm not really boosting anything, but I do still need the 10,000 co-op kills and I'm sitting at 86%, so I'd be happy to help anybody with anything else they still need while I try to find somebody to help me boost my last Halo Wars Achievement.
  11. This thread is full of sin and disgust! I must baptize this thread in the holy fires of our Precursor overlords! May the Flood consume you all!
  12. What? You... How?! I guess I deserve that for falling asleep during Dragon Age. I just can't fathom how anybody could fall asleep during Halo 2. Halo: CE I could understand because large parts of it were just wandering and exploring without enemies, but Halo 2 was just a constant onslaught of enemies and chaos.
  13. Doubt anybody will respond, but I'm looking to boost Running the Show. I'm already a brigadier and only need 449,570XP. Willing to help anybody else who still needs it. I'd like to knock this out in the next couple of days and I'm available any time, so whatever time is convenient for you will work for me.
  14. Honestly that entire game was just a slap in the face with your decisions. I'm still sore that it didn't matter if I let the Rachni queen survive or not because they would just bring their own. Same with destroying the Collector Station, but Cerberus still gets the Reaper technology regardless. Every major decision in that game became pointless because they just adjusted it to follow the same path and usually only in the interest of inflating the game with a single mission or two. I think it would be challenging to explain something like how 343 didn't die at the end of Halo 3 at this point. Halo: CE pulled it off because of the after-credit scene where we see 343 floating through space, but they didn't do that with Halo 3, so it's a bit late for that. The only thing they could do is include it in the terminal series for H5. It would be an interesting plot to follow though. Actually, with the likely return of the Flood and possibly even the Precursors in Halo 5, retelling the story of Primordium in the Terminals and 343's hunt for the Librarian would probably be the smart way to go, similar to how the Halo 4 terminals recapped the major events of what happened in Cryptum and Silentium. Even if they have a different story in mind, a bonus terminal (like Terminal 11 from Halo Anniversary) showing just the scene where 343 is revived would be okay with me.
  15. Won't lie. I did too. The first game just wasn't that interesting. The second one was okay with a much improved combat system (I know, blasphemy!) but the first one just had a slow, monotonous drawl to it. The storyline was better than the sequels, but the build up to it just killed me. Remake the first game with the new combat and dialog systems and I might be willing to go back to it again, but I beat it once and never touched it again. Didn't even think about attempting the expansion.
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