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  1. I have just borrowed this game and I honestly don't know if its a good play through. Can someone give me any advice?
  2. Reckz

    Played Games?

    Thanks buddy was also looking for this info
  3. I originally played this game and completed it back in the day but I since lost the account with all the achievements on. I can't remember how good a play this game was. Is it worth me playing it through again? What do you guys think?
  4. Just wondering what anyone has to say about this game? I am tempted to buy it from a friend and try to get achievements on it but I have had mixed feedback about it. Anyone want to give a quick review for me?
  5. Welcome! I am also new here and I want to achievement hunt also! Add me maybe and we can get some G's together?
  6. Welcome Keegan. I am also new here and I am looking for someone to actively get achievements with. If your up for it let me know! I also can't wait for Halo 5!
  7. I am new to these forums/website and I am actively looking for new games to up my gamerscore. If anyone wants to be my achievement buddy (as weird as it sounds)I am more than happy to help you Currently I am completing old games I have lying around my house but I am more than willing to get new ones
  8. I recently decided to start playing through all of my games (about 100) and try to get the best gamerscore I could. I digged this old game out and wanted to know if any of you guys still play it? If you do and want to play campaign I am willing to have a game with anyone to get them achievements! Hit me up!
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