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  1. Yeah what the other three guys said is correct
  2. Just a few questions can you replay heists and skip to the finale or do you have to do all the setups each time you replay a heist? if you were a crew member and completed a later heist like say Series A but have yet to reach that heist as a leader can you replay that later heist or do you have to complete it as a leader first? and do your heist awards count for the 30 awards achievement? much appreciated to anyone who answers this thanks
  3. I found it more to be like Mercenaries 2 than Saboteur myself, blow shit up move onto the next area blow even more shit up move onto the next area
  4. Hey just wanted to know for those who have all ready picked this up on the 360 and tested, can you play the whole campaign in coop? and can both players earn achievements?. A friend and I were thinking of picking this up but just wanted to get an opinion from someone who all ready has the game Thanks
  5. Well that sucks I always enjoyed listening to music when playing multiplayer games on the 360. With a USB or streaming from the PC can you save songs on the xbox one or would you have to attach it each time? also can you play the songs during games with this?
  6. Hello just wanted to ask a question to someone who owns a xbox one and possibly a PS4, I was thinking of possibly buying a xbox one for Christmas for my son as theres a sweet deal here where I live and wanted to know can you rip CDs onto the xbox one like you could with the 360? if not is there any other way in which you could save music onto the console and play it during games? this goes the same with the PS4 I tried looking up information online but could only find people questioning it around launch and wondered maybe if they updated it so you could. If anyone could help with this id appreciate it thanks
  7. Definitely Claude he makes a great mute other favorites include Fernando Martinez and Big Smoke & Ryder from the Grove Street Crew
  8. I wish they would just flat out say they are not going to update the 360 console instead of just keeping up a shred of hope by lying to us that they still are
  9. Dang that's a shame whats the punishment if caught boosting? I know its 2 weeks banned from the game but if they catch you a second time would that be banned all together or would there be further weeks banned until eventually banned all together?
  10. Anyone know a fix for this? have tons of friends who have this game and play it regularly yet cant seem to get any challenges to show up. I did however manage to get a single one challenge to show up after adding a lot of member recommendations however when I start the challenge it says network issues so cant do that Ive tried: - Clearing Cache - Making a new save - Deleting the game and re-downloading it - Making a silver account and winning several races, rivals and tricks - Moving save to USB But to no avail, anyone else having this same issue or have tried other solutions?
  11. Probably a stupid question but haven't really been keeping up with this game for years and have only just got back to it Can you still get banned boosting on this game?
  12. Planning on getting this DLC some time soon but was just wondering for anyone who has all ready gone through and played through this how long does it take to get all achievements for this DLC? is it just as long or less than Breakdown?
  13. Its usually either the host forces the whole team on either side to be one class while he/she can pick who ever they want only to quit the game when even with just one class we still manage to kick the host teams ass which just makes the host look like a bitch or when your defending against all odds and holding back nearly the whole opposite team you would think one of your partners would quickly sweep in to get the briefcase while there all attacking but after nearly an hour of none of them doing anything at all you think screw it you`ll do it yourself but ofcourse as soon as you step foot outside your base the opposite team manages to sneak away with a briefcase without anyone atleast trying to defend it which makes them both useless at attacking and defending Everyone just wants to play as Sniper yet cant shoot for shit
  14. Bought Far Cry The Wild Expedition about a month ago and have all ready gone through Blood Dragon, Classic and 3 and just started Far Cry 2 over a week ago but since starting it ive been checking the multiplayer aswel as map creater but seem to be getting the message "Server Unavailable At This Time" over and over anyone know whats up? Are the servers for multiplayer temporarily down or are they permanently gone?
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