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  1. newest update has broken the ai. pgg and point system for it. oh and car handle like boats now...
  2. daria. one of my fav shows of all time
  3. get the snow barn find far left side map. on island
  4. fo me. an how hard it is. i am seeing really bad rubber banding a.i in all weather. offline mode. i tested this and its a recurring bug.
  5. the event ones of season challenge are not working for me. not the daily stuff. they work
  6. ai above second lvl are gods. rewards are still a issue fixe some physics grip on cares can be all over the place. no way to tell if gold with icons. forzathon weekly race champ is glitch for me fast travel is not really working for me. but to a house. ai offline show up on lots in random areas.
  7. last game if its not the fh edition of the car. tune away it will still count. am seeing the same as i play 4 atm. unless it changes.
  8. oddly some docks are road for some reason......
  9. also it can glitch. where you got to do a race to get it.
  10. nice find. the fix one of the boards from the beta i notice.
  11. Day 28 for me and then finished with the trader.now on second play thru with tons of stuff already i pulled over. so man books and mods.....
  12. wrc 5. a 3/10 worst shuttering i ever seen on the xbox one. on a 4k tv.a good one to!
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