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  1. I need a co op parter to help me kill Seath, not finding any summon signs on 360 GT: Deathrattlekid
  2. Looking for werewolf bite NA server, Daggerfall Covenant 48 nightblade Will pay 5k gold (negotiable), also willing to give bites to your alts GT: Deathrattlekid , message if interested PS: to any one looking for bites absolutely NEVER pay anyone the 15-20k+ a lot of people ask for, 10k is ridiculous as it is especially this early in the console editions lifespan, if I have a bite for vamp or werewolf just message me to ask and if it's not reserved for a friend/guild mate I'll give it to you for free, don't feed into the gold hungry jerks, we need a good community
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