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  1. GT: BadAsz23. Add me I'm looking for new friends to race with in private lobbies instead of random lobbies.
  2. This is the server where the big boys come for all out war. This server is full of intense battles and nail biting moments. All squad mates communicate and work together to get the job done. No bullshit in this server. Check it out,join,and add to your favorites. Thanks
  3. Ok I'll send u a friend request today. I couldn't get on last more but I will be on today for sure
  4. I am looking for people who know how to race and is willing to race over 13 laps or more for more realistic racing. If anyone would like to get together and do some pure endurance racing,post your GT below. Thanks
  5. badasz

    Patch ASAP!

    Thius game needs a patch asap!. it constantly freeze at the menu and the arena. H2H ranked season matches barley find any matches plus it freezes you at the start of the game,drop in games for your pro has issues also,pro club matches freeze at the locker room or it will freeze before the start of the game. overall this is a good game,but as usual a typical EA game has server overage issues witch causes freeze.
  6. Hey everyone i am looking for some new people to race with in private lobbies. if anyone still likes to race and would like some competition then send me a friend request. S7 I BadAsz I. thanks...
  7. I am excited about this game every year it comes out because of the competitive online dynasty mode. i am looking for 10-12 people who might be interested in joining my online dynasty. It will be fun,intense,and competitive. if you want to join either put your GT on this post of send me a friend request with a message to S7 I BadAsz I letting me know you want to join. BCS bowl championship winner will receive 800 ms points. please read the following rules below before entering. Lets Game!!! 1. Absolutely no "Quitting" Games: this will not be tolerated. take your loss like a man. this makes the game fun to know you can lose. 2. Minimal 1 game per day on the weekdays and 2 minimal on weekends. 3. No changing teams in the middle of the season. if you want to change a team,you must wait until season is over. these are the basic rules. simple.
  8. I am starting a new online dynasty today and I am looking for players who want to join with me and my other 4 friends in the dynasty. If you would like to join starting today,please read the rules and post your gamertag at the bottom. This will be an awesome experience. Thanks. Rules: 1. Abosolutly "NO QUITTING" take your loss like a man vs the CPU or a human player 2. All games are played on Heisman with the threshold set to 35% to make it more realistic. 3. You have to play at least "1" game a day on the weekdays and "3" minimum a day on the weekends. 4. Games will be simulated if not played within expected time.
  9. Im glad to see that it wasnt my router. ive been trying to figure this shit out for like an hour. i guess ATT is having a problem connecting to xbox live. the web site doesnt work either. i can go to any other page on the net and it works though. this freakin sucks because i played hooky from work today to play the damn game. lol. Damn you ATT!!!
  10. I Love the Dragon Age series,but Dragon Age 2 was kinda full of dissappointments. first of all the story was really weak and basically all the support chacacters sucked except Merril (because shes a blood mage) and Anders because (hes a good support healing mage). I was hoping the story gets me up off the chair in excitement and really capture me emtionally and i did not. I was caught dozing off between missins in complete bordem and was waiting for something exciting to happen in the story. best thing that happened in the game was seeing flemeth again and that was for a brief moment. I was also hoping to see Morrigan again since Merrill basically had the mirror that Morrigan used in the Previous Dragon age DLC. All in all i think the story was weak,non entertaining,and not captivating enough. Bioware definitely failed on this one. i coulnt wait to get through the game just to finish it and throw it in my closet. i doubt if i will be doing a second playthrough to make changes. Dragon Age Origins was awsome and the new game failed to deliver. what do yall think about the game?? My score : 7/10 -not enough in the story to get my attention -Story was too short and felt rushed -combat system was trashy -support chacacters were cheesy -Kirkwall/Free Marches map was too small and nothing seemed new after the first 10 hours into the game. -bring back the darkspawn!!!!
  11. im planning on getting copies for both systems. do you do the rosters for the ps3 also? if not do you know perhaps who will?
  12. how and where do i go to find where i can race some time trials? can someone tell me. Also where the hell are the online tournments? forza 2 had them. WTF!!
  13. I'm looking for players to play with online in private matches. I love to play forza and I really don't have any friends to race with. The quick matches suck. I'm basically looking for any players who know how to race and not wreck. If anyone races on a regular bases I would like to become a friend. Please post your gamertag here or send me a friend request. I also have ideas for a forza league as well. Thanks
  14. I love forza but i kinda stressed out about their online race system. i hate how i puts you into a random match where you cant control the track you want to race as well as the assists you want to turn off. i dont even race random people anymore because thats all they do is crash you into the first turn of the game. i hate how forza made this. can you still level up and receive money while racing in private matches? also where the hell is the stats where they show how many races you won online? i dont see it anywhere. I liked on forza 2 where you clicked on a person name and it showed their time trial rank,hot lap rank and ect. Also where the hell are the online tournment modes at???? Damn!!!!!
  15. ok my friend has like the worst luck ever in this NHL game. 1st he couldnt even connect into any team play or vs modes. we then figured that he had to tke out his hard drive and play nhl online without a hard drive in the system. basically he was saving NHL data on the system itself. 2nd problem he has is that his BAP player name is Derek Felch. he plays with this BAP player in his offline BAP mode.So i then send him an invite to the EASHL and whenever we go play a game his guy name is Christian Chang. Whenever he goes to look at his BAP guy it says his name is Derek Felch like its suppose to, but when we go online his guy name is Christian Chang. he deleted all his NHL data and re made the player and again his name is Christian Chang online,Derek Felch offline. what the hell is the problem??? anyone know??. My NHL BAP works fine as well as i can play online normally. whats going on.??? he so wants to trade the game in because he's sooo ticked. please help.........
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