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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260429603605 CLOSE THREAD AUCTION ENDED
  2. hahaha x360a is my inner gamer. I also own a logo company and design websites.
  3. UPDATE ON ME thanks to everyone . i havent been online latley cause i have baseball. i'm 6'5" to whoever asked it. and i went to the shumans nationAL underclassman combine and did great. i got invited back for the unlimite 100 camp in july. i got a call from penn state & columbus so far. i got invited to both of their summer camps and im going. thanks to all who have rated , commmented and subscribed in the past weeks its really helping. x360a forever!
  4. yeah alright. I'm not on very much right now but come summer I will be. I play WaW CoD4 and GoW2 pretty much.

  5. as a flyers fan i have respect for you . malkin is ridiculous

  6. yeah it is i didnt even know you lol could you subscribe, comment and rate it and favorite if you havent already? anything helps and ill add you on xbox i usually play cod waw

  7. haha thats kind of weird

  8. This is just a HIGHLIGHT tape for entertainment and to see what I play like! We send full game tapes to coaches. I recently got invited to the unlimte 100 camp and a offer from columbus college in NY the first day i was eligble to be in talks with coaches. Thanks for all support guys even if its one star
  9. haha um well i just posted random schools for extra tags

  10. hey nice video and i hope you take my post seriously. But in the video description, whats with all of the colorado teams like chaparral and ponderosa? I mean no ones heard of chaparral, which is where I go but lol didn't think it would get mentioned.

  11. are you rich? lol 500 would help me alot now

  12. Sorry the tag's get more views. The song is 'Prayer for the refugee - Rise Against'
  13. Well im currently a Jr. in high school. Thanks for the youtube comment. Could you send this to your friends? anything helps.
  14. Thanks so much to everyone here! 5 stars and just one comment on the video can make such a diffrence. I love the x360a community so friendly. I am attending a combine in maryland on saturday its the biggest combine in the nation for football. Thanks again. Like I said if you dont like football and dont wanna subscribe just please leave a comment. Thanks so much:woop:
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