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  1. just bought xbox live from GAME and with it for £35 I got max which I sent the code to my son... also £5 for the store.. not a bad deal at all what I want to know is... are there any small indie or any other games available for £5
  2. I know there are missable acheivements but what I wanna know is...what is the last mission you do before you pass the missable ones...I wanna play but not constantly check the guide until I read said missions...hope it makes sense. Thanks
  3. A quick update...I checked installed DLC it doesn't show up...I then went to the store and clicked to download it...it just said manage
  4. I only gotn it has a fathers day present...otherwise I would have waited till I finished the game
  5. I just got the season pass from Game...I entered the code and all it said season pass and not witcher season pass...I didn't see anything download.... is it on the disc ? Also I looked for any new misskons couldn't see any...after a bit of online research I fkund out its released later in the year is this true ? And if so how will I know the code worked ?
  6. I wonder if you could help me....I have done some missions but when I goto completed missions it has a yellow explanation mark ? Some don't why ? Also I have killed the Gryphon but its head is still attached to my horse...any help would be appreciated:francis:
  7. one is online team play Online Team Play? is that eashl ?
  8. alfhockeyfan


    with people getting early access me included I`m wondering what do you guys think of this version ??
  9. I have a question... when you fit a external hard drive and when it comes to installing games do you get to pick which one or does it use the standard until full and then swaps to the external ?
  10. alfhockeyfan


    only the first set of xbox one FWG have been any good..
  11. I'm in the uk.. we don't have a gamestop
  12. I want to get the vault but I don't have a credit card...I read that it uses paypal.. I downloaded ea access and I can't find anywhere were you can change credit card to paypal..I also heard that it can use microsoft money but iv'e found nothing to support that... please help! I don't trust putting my wifes credit card details... is there another way round it ?
  13. what about the 50 wins in all gamemodes ? can you prestige and still get that ?
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