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  1. I've had problems with achievements unlocking in the complete edition as well. Once I noticed (stupid horse racing!), I started making a save before achievements should unlock. Most of them have unlocked ok, but maybe 5 or so achievements don't unlock and I can then hold down the power button on the xbox until it shuts off, reload my save and do what the achievement requires again and it will unlock. I wish I had noticed this before I completed the races and missed that achievement...now I'm going to have to play the game again up to that point...
  2. There are currently 35 heroes in the xbox one version. There are 10 more that we might get later, but right now 35 is the number we're shooting for.
  3. I've been using this, though I'm not sure of the accuracy.. http://siyalatas.weebly.com/
  4. This morning Iconian War popped even though I haven't played STO since November. Maybe that means things are fixed?
  5. dark_shard

    Making a club?

    If anyone still plays and is able to invite me to a club, I would appreciate it! GT: darkshardx
  6. Late getting back, but Vistas had popped without showing up on the TV. As for Specializations, the achievement itself may not be glitched but there is a glitch (as I described) which causes characters to no longer be able to spend ANY points on skills or specializations. Apparently (according to the official forums) this glitch happens most commonly for Romulan characters. Since I've been away for a while, does anyone know if these glitches have been fixed?
  7. I have completed both the Iconian War and Vacation Vistas requirements on the Xbox One but the achievements have not unlocked. I have received the in-game accolades, but the Xbox achievement fails to pop for either one. Add these with the fact that my main character glitched and cannot spend skill/specialization points anymore (so no specialist achievement) and you've got a heck of a lot of time spent on this game with disappointing results..Yes, the game is free, but beware investing too much time into it.
  8. Mine is an engineering captain, so I wouldn't risk a Romulan at all.
  9. Just so it's known, I submitted a ticket for this issue. Apparently this is a known bug for Romulan characters, and has been for a long time...So yeah...don't waste your time leveling a romulan in hopes of getting the 30 specialization points achievement..
  10. I've run into an issue where I cannot spend my final skill point (obtained at level 50). I attempt to purchase a skill as I have previously but the skills will not unlock. I also now have a few specialization points which I cannot spend either. Anyone else experience this problem?
  11. Likely because a lot of recent titles have explained that they will have cross-play with PC. I kind of doubt that Zeni will choose to take ESO cross-platform for a few reasons. Unfortunately, one of those reasons is that they tend to be kind of lazy about making changes to the game. There are so many issues with ESO that haven't been addressed since launch, even though people keep reporting them. Also, going cross-platform with PC would lead to a bunch of hacked/OP PC players ruining the game for the Xbox players. Zeni allowed us to move our PC accounts to Xbox for a couple of months at launch but quickly realized it was a bad choice when there were suddenly a bunch of maxed characters ruining PvP for others who hadn't yet had a chance to level that high. PC players also hurt the game's economy with their exploited amounts of gold and duped items..
  12. Just started this game and need someone to share collectables with me. Hopefully someone is still around! GT: DarkShardx Thanks!
  13. Hi all! I'm looking for a modded weapon and shield to clean up some of the last bosses in the game. My wife and I don't play offline only, so this won't be spread any farther than our console if that is a worry. Thank you! GT: darkshardx
  14. ..but the lack of couch-coop ruined it for me. I know everyone else has their own problems with the game, but for me, I can stand a bad game as long as I can play with my wife. It just makes it more fun..
  15. Does the game have a patch that tries to download when launching? Games won't let you sign in to live while you play them if you refuse the patch..That's all I can think of that could be happening.
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