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  1. :francis: Form a team and join us for XBA's GSL Twist 2018! :francis:
  2. I've added all above suggestions. Thanks everyone. No, those Windows 10 versions don't qualify for the Under 1 Hour section despite the under 30 minutes achievement. I'm not sure why because I haven't played them. I see quite a bit of 1-2 hours estimations and higher on TA however. Both games are already on the list. No disrespect intended, I don't mean to call you out but this is like the 4th time you suggested a game that's already been added. Please look over the list more carefully in the future. Next time it will be considered spam. Thanks. It's been moved. Thanks. This game is in the Xbox One games section here on the site. It should be moved to the Windows 10 games section.
  3. ACA NEOGEO: Ninja Combat (X1) (DO) - Under 5 hours Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (X1) (DO)© - 15-25 hours The Journey Down: Chapter One (X1) (DO)© - Under 1 hour The Journey Down: Chapter Two (X1) (DO)© - Under 1 hour The Journey Down: Chapter Three (X1) (DO)* - Under 5 hours Yoku's Island Express (X1) (DO)© - 10-15 hours
  4. I was waiting for those games to appear here on XBA before I suggest them. I was going to do away with the * denotation for the 'Under 1 Hour' section but keep it for under 2 hour games that appear in the 'Under 5 Hours' section. How many achievements are unobtainable in ACA NEOGEO MAGICAL DROP II (W10) (DO) ? If you feel that most people can't complete it or any other game under 1 hour, then I'd rather it be excluded from the 'Under 1 Hour' section.
  5. Yes, this is the right thread. You could potentially get your account banned but I personally don't see why you would. Depends on Microsoft though. I could be wrong but I doubt they actually care about sharing accounts. By the way, I'm not encouraging you to share accounts because I don't know if it violates Microsoft's policies. You'll have to use your own discretion.
  6. Yeah, I'm slowly going thru the games. I'm sure that I'll also miss a few others. To Everyone: The games must strictly be under 1 hour. Please point out the games that I miss. I'm done moving games over for tonight, I'll continue tomorrow.
  7. I already suggested that. Thanks though. Conan Exiles (X1) *Under 5 Hours Using Admin Panel*
  8. I agree with you. TA is a great reference for game completion times though.
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