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  1. With a good group, it should still be doable, but the community will need to find new tactics to withstand the tougher enemies. The patch added the Demolition class which can use rocket launchers and SMGs with normal armor and limited exo abilities as well as the rocket launchers. The warbird's weak spot is the rotor blades and they take less bullets to shoot down than an AST. Weapons Free, Flak Jacket, and Danger Close are now more important to have due to the increase in enemies and explosive spam. Also, save a Bombing Run or 2 for round 25 and 25(2) to deal with the 3 ASTs as they will spam rockets at you to the point that shooting them is risky when all 3 are together.
  2. As you have the digital version, it won't work as the Xbox One will automatically download the game with all the updates applied to it. As of the January 27 update, exo survival is much harder than the initial disc version due to the additional enemies in most of the rounds, warbird rounds, enemies using more grenades, the objective rounds getting longer as the round count increases, and the AST's now have the ability to spam rockets at the player. The highest round I got to post Havoc patch is round 25 due to dying to 3 ASTs rocket spamming me. This will make the XS1 Vulcan and bombing run scorestreaks much more important in taking out the "buffed" enemies. I already have the Flip Flop achievement so I can just play for fun.
  3. My highest round was round 18 solo in local. Outbreak isn't nearly as hard as Tranzit, Die Rise, Shangra-la, and Moon map layout wise as Outbreak has a few places where one can run trains of zombies and the easter egg achievement is doable solo and is much simpler than those of Black Ops and Black Ops 2. The only things that make it harder than Treyarch zombies are the EMP zombies and the slower movement speed. To compensate for this being the first map that is not from a Treyarch COD, some of the achievements will take skill to earn
  4. While it's nice to see that the transparent tiles made their way into the 1502 update and that certain TV features are making their way to other countries, the only new functionality is the game hub feature that is coded into the friends app. I appreciate what is included in this update, it is overshadowed by the scope and functionality of previous updates such as 1403, 1410, 1411, and 1408. I understand that the 1502 update is minor in scope due to the people that program the Xbox One's OS spending some well deserved time with their families over the holiday season. Any ideas for what features and changes that could make it's way into the 1503 update other than major changes to the Xbox One's OS which will need to wait for the 1510 update to go along with Windows 10's release?
  5. They'll send it out eventually if you have opted into Xbox marketing e-mails. I haven't gotten any Xbox Live messages or anything other than what everyone got as well as the GTAV cash code that I gotten via e-mail. I hope that they may save the best stuff for those that wait the longest for their e-mail or Xbox Live message(s).
  6. While I haven't received any messages today, my e-mail special item was $200,000 in game cash in GTAV even though I don't have that game so I understand how getting an extra wallpaper that anyone can download from the link you got feels like. At least I got something I can give or trade to someone.
  7. If you go ahead and buy AW now on the Xbox One, you can download it right now, but this game will refuse to start up until 12:01 AM PST(3:01 AM EST) November 3 due to Activision insisting that the install unlocks at the same time across North America to keep people on the east coast from spoiling the game for those on the west coast. The same people that leaked everything from the past 5 CODs(MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, and Ghosts) due to certain stores breaking the street date will get their hands on copies of AW during the last 5 days of October for the same reasons and will post gameplay on YouTube, Twitch, and other video/livestreaming websites despite knowing that 99.99% of these videos will get taken down, their accounts closed for copyright infringement, and possible legal action taken against them. Also, the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions of AW are likely to be hacked and modded before release; if not then, than by November 7 as these platforms can be easily hacked and that the game engine is based off of BO2's based on the gameplay trailers out there(scorestreaks, pick 13, wildcards, no field orders, medals, and game modes absent from Ghosts being brought back such as CTF and Hardpoint points toward that they used Treyarch's engine from BO2 and replaced and/or updated the coding that is related to the graphics and gameplay such as being able to customize your solider to a greater extent than what Ghosts allowed, being able to earn various stuff such as enhanced weapons, care packages, and customization items by playing and leveling up), training range, being able to let teammates in on a scorestreak such as spotting targets, no jagged shadows, and a survival mode where zombies would be) while there is enough legacy coding to make the game a prime target for hackers. Until the 3 COD developers make an engine entirely from scratch, the coding that has been there for years will continue to be the gateway for cheating at COD for last gen and PC, and PS4 and Xbox One once the modders crack all of the security measures in place on those platforms. I would go ahead and get the Xbox One version and rent the Xbox 360 version if you want the extra Gamerscore from that version.
  8. Both the PS4 and Xbox One allow for players to start playing certain games once the system downloaded and/or installed a certain amount of a game. This feature is up to the developer to implement so certain games would demand that every bit of the game is on the system's HDD such as Call of Duty: Ghosts before it can be played. It should be noted that the PS4 gives developers two more options: Allow the entire game to be played straight from the disc as it's installing. Allow people the option of installing either single player or multiplayer first. As to why the PS4 tends to download games faster than the Xbox One, the PS4 has an additional 256 MB of RAM that is dedicated to background tasks and that it's system software is a fraction of the size of that of the Xbox One. I assume that the PS4's OS is just under 400 MB at the moment while the Xbox One's OS likely takes up anywhere from 3-4 GB due to features being added in constantly and that it is based off of Windows 8(Windows NT 6.2) due to the fact that the OS version number is in this format: 6.2.build number (xb_rel_year/month update is anticipated to release(i.e. 1409)date the update in y/d/m format(i.e. 140829)-time update is finalized in UTC 24 hour format(i.e. 1829) so the Xbox One might've inherited some issues from Windows. The advantage the Xbox One has is that we can download games we preordered on the Xbox Store before that opportunity is avaliable on the PS4. Even then, I believe that the difference can only be seen if you have a very high amount of bandwidth(way more than what ISPs commonly offer to people in the United States) and that the all digital future can't be achieved as long as most ISPs value maximum profits and businesses over offering a great, reliable service to anyone no matter where they live and that the majority of them tend to throttle people at certain times of the day and/or impose data caps where they either get throttled to the point they can't use their connection or that they rack up expensive overuse fees.
  9. While it is true that the suppression assists for the Vanguard assignment may not count, there are plenty of chances each match to get those assists if you stick to teammates that aren't part of your squad so it's still an easy assignment. The bronze assignments for Dragon's Teeth are among the easiest assignments in BF4, City Slicker and the Recoil Kinetics assignments are also among the list of easy assignments. Killjoy is in theory an easy assignment as well, but I couldn't find a server where it is possible to win a match with less than 50 tickets remaining. Remote Operator has the very easy task of spotting 20 enemies with the MAV, but the other 3 requirements for that assignment will take some effort as it also calls for 10 mortar kills, 5 RAWR kills, and destroying a vehicle with the EOD bot. While the RAWR is easy to use, they are a battlepickup that many people will pickup trying to go for that assignment and an achievement at the same time. The mortar kills are easier in the Chainlink and Domination gamemodes as the flags will have a small capture radius meaning that they are easy targets for the mortar strikes. The EOD bot part of the assignment is the most difficult assignment criteria out of this DLC and BF4 as a whole as people will either flee from the vehicle or destroy the bot once they recognize that their vehicle is losing health. I completed that part by destroying an AAV-A71 AMTRAC on Pearl Market. Overall, I give this DLC an overall difficulty of 3.5/10 due to the Remote Operator and Killjoy assignments require doing something that could be out of your control, but the other achievements are very easy to earn and I give a timeframe of completion of 10 hours.
  10. I understand why the Killjoy assignment is causing people problems. The 10 minute time limit and 1000 tickets are the settings for most Chainlink servers. The problem is one team usually wins by a blowout 90% of the time so it's rare to see both teams with less than 200 tickets remaining. In fact, the lest amount of tickets that I saw the winning team have left on an official server is 128 so I believe that this must be done in a server with either reduced tickets and/or a longer time limit of at least 15 minutes. Other than that, the Dragon's Teeth assignments are easy to complete.
  11. When it comes to challenges, I feel that they are not needed to 100% a game as they are there for fun or give you something that doesn't affect gameplay and that people could be busy while they are running. I define the 100% completion as earning all achievements including DLC and 0 Gamerscore achievements. While some achievement tracking sites factor challenges into their leaderboards, XBA does not for the time being.
  12. So far, I'm also fortunate that I didn't got hit with any severe issues with the multiplayer portion of BF4. However, I decided to take a break from BF4 for a while due to the fact that trying to rank up feels like a weeklong grind as I'm at level 114 just to get a gold battlepack that gives me useless items to show for my time and effort.
  13. While Black Ops had a couple of difficult missions when attempting a Veteran playthrough, it is tame compared to the previous Treyarch COD which is World at War which is a nightmare to complete on Veteran. I would recommend watching some videos that give you tips on how to get past that part of the mission you are stuck on and that it has a process of trial and error until you get the next checkpoint.
  14. As far as DLC being on sale for Treyarch CODs, they gave a code for a map pack in certain copies of Black Ops and Black Ops 2 which was the first one in both cases. World at War DLC had been on sale in the past and if I remember correctly, there was a sale on BO2 DLC months ago. That should give you hope for another sale on BO DLC one more time.
  15. From what I read about BF4 on Battlelog, the netcode can be a hit or miss and hit detection can be off at times. Also, BF4 has been plagued with issues since launch, but I enjoyed the experience I had with that game.
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