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  1. Does anyone know how to access your boosters if you bought any on Xbox live? I bought four, but can't find them to open them.
  2. Blah blah blah, TL;DR. You're not even worth my time. I'll be the bigger man here and end it already. You're so lame. Peace out, have fun being a cunt.
  3. Yeah yeah, I know all about each one. Did you forget their bios are in the games? Shows how much you know, piss ant. As for Snow, why? Cause I want to stay away from being spoiled before it comes to console? I knew it was coming to Ipad first, days ago. That's all I bothered finding out. So both of you immature little brats can piss off.
  4. Well I never detailed further, cause I wanted someone creative to say what I was thinking in that we could be betrayed by her. As for age, I can assure you I am not some snotty little 10 year old shit. Also, dumb shit, I clearly stated that I would like to be messaged if the story was already known. I didn't start following MTG until recently. I only started playing last summer when MTG 2013 was released as free for Xbox Gold. Didn't become a big fan until maybe a couple weeks ago.
  5. Um, I'm not acting like a "douche", you are. YOU are the one overreacting here, and acting like a pissy little ten year old. Read my comment again, and tell me exactly how the hell I'M being a "douche". I gave an example for why I felt your point was inept and frugal, and then merely retorted that you pretty much said everything that I and everyone else already know, AND that I already said that. All you did was repeat me, so you didn't add into the conversation and you did NOT give "your thoughts" on anything. You just restated EVERYTHING I already said.
  6. Okay, but you clearly don't understand how madness or insanity work. For example, The Joker from Batman is insane/mad and he also has all of his faculties or whatever and still hunts down Batman like Batman banged his mother or something. My point is that he can still be driven completely insane and still not lose sight of his quest for revenge. Plus, you're not saying ANYTHING new, everything you said, I said up in my first post.
  7. It didn't fix for me, I guess I didn't get the update. Is it like an actual Xbox live update, or is it the "A possible change in downloadable content" message? Nevermind, I was randomly playing and it unlocked out of nowhere on a deck I already won a game on before hand. What a strange bug. Hope it doesn't happen in the next game.
  8. So, as it seems that Garruk is the main antagonist this time around, one has to wonder what the story line is behind it. My guess is that because of his battle with Liliana, he is finally driven to madness, and is unable to resist the corruption of the Chain Veil's magic and thus completely goes insane. Murders, random fits of rage, etc. all while still hunting Liliana. She might even have something to do with the story, considering she is the whole reason this has been brought about. I, of course, wonder if we'll be on Liliana's side, or if we are going to be trying to take them both down. I really would like to know the player's involvement in all of this, and hope it isn't just because of the whole "hero comes out of nowhere to save the world" cliche. If this has already been announced, please message me, as I would greatly appreciate it. What do you guys think?
  9. How do I edit my profile? I have my 5+ posts, and am searching all over, but not finding where to edit my profile. Kinda ticked :I I know I'll find it by the time someone replies, but this is ridiculous. Yeah, see? Literally the next minute after posting this I found it.
  10. Catherine. I have my reasons for picking her, but also my reasons for picking Katherine. If one of them were to end up with ME myself, I'd choose Catherine. Don't get me wrong though, Katherine is okay.
  11. So, there was a glitch I had while playing the game. My friend did the glitch that launches him into the tree near the mansion, and I went through the mansion. When the final ghost dropped, I hadn't TECHNICALLY entered the maze yet, and I didn't get a perk from her. What could be the issue?
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