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  1. Was hoping someone could give me a definitive answer. Google isnt really helping at the moment. What is the purpose of POI's? Do they change from white to blue? I thought like every other location it would just be loot, but doesnt aeem like it. Thought it might be one of the missions where you have to scan things, but doesnt seem like that either.
  2. If anyone is still looking to do this, send me a message on my GT. I have a spare 2nd controller as well Squirtle0verMe
  3. Update: I worked out how to equip multiple weapons using hotkeys, and also how to repair weapons, however my metal armor is broken and I have no idea how to repair it. I have also started using a lead pipe as a weapon, it seems to be a lot better then the Varmint Rifle.
  4. Hey gus, as the title states im after some ( a lot) of help with this game. I have done one of the glitches to level straight to 30. Say what you want about that, but I'm really just playing this for achievements and nothing else. At the moment I am just trying to go to all the locations so I can fast travel everywhere when I start the main questline. I am playing on very easy, with hardcore turned on. This is also my first Fallout game, the only similar game I played was Skyrim. The problem I have is: I cannot grasp the game mechanics whatsoever. Maybe I just haven't played enough yet,but I'm really struggling, so hopefully someone here can help. My first and probably biggest problem. I went to a couple of locations and got attacked by a Jackal crew, some golden geckos and some feral 'dogs'. (I can't remember what they were called). The first time I encountered the geckos I died. I managed to kill them the next encounter, but only by running backwards a lot and jump in on a rock where they couldn't hit me, basically just waiting for VATS to replenish. After I died the first time I put on a metal armor that I had. I'm using the first gun you get given by Sunny. Are these enemies just hard to kill, or do I need better armor/guns, and if so what should I look at getting. Second problem: in said battle before I took 3/4 of damage, and my limb was crippled. Obviously on hardcore stimpaks don't heal them. I fast travelled back to goodsprings source to heal my HP, then went to talk to doc Mitchell to heal me at a cost of 50 bottle caps. The game mentioned something about doctors beds. What should I be doing, and where? 3rd: Equipping items/weapons. Can you only equip one weapon at a time, and have to change it every time you need to swap weapons, or am I missing something? Last for now, in terms of repairing items, and crafting: when and where should I be doing this, and what items should I be repairing and/or crafting. I am running low on ammo at the moment, but as stated above I am still using the first weapon, and have no idea how to make more ammo, or anything to do with build in in general. Sorry that this is so long, if anyone could help me out would be much appreciated, thanks!
  5. If anyone is still trying to get the Polyamory achievement i am willing to help as I need it too. Send me a message, GT Squirtle0verMe
  6. All I've played so far is the basic tutorial.... have been waiting years for this game to come out. I absolutely loved the first game, could not fault it so I was pretty hyped for this one. Reading some of the comments above is a little dissapointing though. Hopefully i can play through the campaign and some multiplayer this week. Are there seriously no upgrades for units? That was a massive part of online in HW1. Like I said, I've only played the tutorial. Interested to see how this new resource element works. I never liked C&C for the reason I found it too complicated, so hopefully it doesn't become like that. The only issues I have so far is that there doesn't seem like there is a way to select all units? Surely there is, I just haven't found it yet. Also is there a way to set a continuos movement for units? In HW1 you could select a unit, click 'x' on where you wanted the unit to go, and then hold 'x' and after your unit was done at the first location it would automatically move to the next spot. I always used this feature in HW1, found it so useful. Is it not in HW2?
  7. I'm playing on the One, trying to farm sunlight medals at the moment. I ever rarely get summoned. So far I'be spent about 15 hours in, and have been summoned about 10 times. I'm in the Sun covenant, and wearing their ring. My soul memory is at 1.7mil. I try and travel somewhere with the orange border on it, although I'm not 100% sure what this actually means. Any ideas?
  8. UPDATE: Finished the game and i still got the achievement for no kills. Hope this helps someone.
  9. Just completed the first real mission. I spoke to the girl at the beginning to get the side quest to save Curnow. Fast forward and I'm in the room with the High Overseer and Curnow. I sleep dart them both, get the achievement for saving Curnow. I pick Curnow up and place him on the ledge outside the window, then I go on to finish the mission. The screen at the end says I got no kills. Then I returned to the pub and the girl has said that her uncle died. Is this just a bug? Will it ruin the achievement for getting no kills?
  10. Still not able to download. Yet on True Achievements it shows that people have unlocked the achievements.
  11. Thanks man Is the DLC available though? I looked for it last night but it wasn't there.
  12. Just checked my achievement list for the game after what I thought was my last achievement. Opening it up though I found out I only had 50% completion :'( I have checked the store, reset the game, and checked again but there doesn't seem to be any DLC. Anyone else got this?
  13. So I just beat the game on easy, switched off my console (didnt realise I would lose my suit ...) so i quit ot of the new game, and bought the tank suit. Then when I went back to start a new game there was no option for impossible? Will I have to start all over again?
  14. I have never really bitched about a game before, but with this one I really need to. I'll start by saying the only reason I got the game was because a couple of close friends have it, and we play online together. Obviously, i decided to go for the achievements as well, so I loaded up the campaign, solo, on realistic. Now I definitely expected it to be a challenge, and it was. What really pissed me off that it was no fun for me at all. For me it was just a grind trying to get through the stupid level design, add that to the fact that I was always going slowly so I wouldn't die by an enemy I had missed and get reloaded a fsir way back. Now, I know this point is of my own accord. I chose the challenge. However, the storyline went absolutely nowhere. I was lost the whole time. Then with that syupid ending? The voice acting was absolutely horrific. I ended up turning the volume down during the cutscenes just so I didn't have to listen to the characters talk. Not to mention that last level. Jesus Christ. The player was literally yelling the words, and it felt like there was no meaning in them whatsoever. It was horrific. Anyone else feel the same?
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