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  1. Plus, once you get to level 20 in Gears, there's little else to do.
  2. Looks like it'll be same as first one.
  3. REQ's fall into two categories. Cosmetic and Warzone. Stuff like armor, visor, and weapon skins are on your spartan and shown in all MP modes. The others like armor mods, power weapons/vehicles are for Warzone. In the game mode, you slowly progress starting from level 1. This is important for loadout guns. Weapons that can be unlocked through REQs, but that don't require anything more than certification. (ie magnum, AR, BR, SMG, DMR) The one-time use REQs are for Warzone as well, but require REQ energy (green bar top left in game) to be at the appropriate level to be used. Once you have the gun or vehicle selected, it pulls from your REQ collection. (ie 5x Oni Warthogs; spawn 1 now you have 4x) The other thing to help you get started is the daily wins. Each day, you get a REQ pack for winning in Arena and Warzone. It's mostly just one time guns/vehicles, but they occasionally give you permanent unlocks. You'll understand more once you start playing around.
  4. Looking to boost H2H and MUT achievements. Message me if you want to get these done
  5. I get an error code every time I try. Was hoping to cmplete this during Free Play Days
  6. It looks good. Only problem I'm having is accessing community rosters for legend and gauntlet achievements.
  7. same thing happened to me. Got Prime few months ago and can only get 2 achievements that don't involve watching anything. It all stays at 0.
  8. I like to play Betas. Signed up for this one thinking it'd be a nice hour or two time sink. After the first game, I was blown away. It was really addicting and even with the handful of maps available, they felt fresh each game. Finding a new entrance or a weak spot was an exhilarating experience. And yet, I hesitate to pre order because I feel like the general population will pass on this because of the lack of story and MP focused portion (see: Titanfall). I just wanted to gauge other people's views and opinions on this. Will it be a Day One for you? Will you wait for a possible steep price drop? No doubt this game will be fantastic, but I would love to get the Gold Edition for a better price especially if it goes on a 20% cut within the first few months. See you on the roofs eventually, Operators!
  9. Thanks. That's a pretty good setup for any situation. I'll give it a go.
  10. I haven't been able to find a good mix of clubs to carry on the tour. Just wanted to see if most just stick with the default ones they give or if you found a better batch that works.
  11. I really struggled with this as well; at first. I was used to the old preview in TW '10 where you would adjust the target and preview where the ball went and adjust after. The key to this is paying attention to the grid lines and how fast they move. And also when you land on the green, see how the ball rolls after it hits so you can make minor adjustments. The line they give is really helpful, but there will be a handful of times it doesn't really show how the ball rolls. Left and right you will get within a few 18 round games. The real practice is how hard to hit. Nearly sunk a 50 ft eagle but it rolled over.
  12. I'm the only one who picked Circuit De La Sarthe? That track is awesome for endurance racing. A lot of people relax too much on the straight and are over aggressive on the back half turns. Not easy to set your car up either. Now if people didn't pick this because of the Bugatti circuit, then I understand. That track is just boring.
  13. I wasn't a fan of it when I first started several years ago. Decided to play through it no matter what a few months after and I really enjoyed it. The controls take some getting used to, but the game play, story, and stealth are some of the best in the franchise. I typically don't decide on a game until I've at least tried it a couple of times. If all games played the same and you didn't have to adjust to it, wouldn't that make gaming kind of bland?
  14. Hello. I would like to change my forum name from "mastaraider" to my gamertag "Un4given Raider". And I just recently subscribed, so I'm not sure if my name will turn green or if you have to manually do it. Many thanks! **No need for green color. Sorry about that. I'm color blind slightly. lol. So just the name change would be great when you can. Thanks.**
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