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  1. Except that True Achievements doesn't count a DLC set against your completion rate until you earn an achievement in it so it's possible. It's a drag to see several incompletes on my XBA game list caused by DLC which I thought was either overpriced or unfun alternative play modes.
  2. Is paid DLC automatically counting toward a title's completion % driven by technical reasons or by principle? I didn't agree with that back in the manual checklist days and I'm not thrilled to see it carry over to the automatic tracking system.
  3. So when I click on my profile name, I don't get a drop down. I get sent to my profile page (https://www.xboxachievements.com/profile/profile_index.php). This is in Win 10 with the current version of Chrome.
  4. In the Forum search box I enter "GSL 2020" and get many pages of results. I quick scan the first page, don't see what I'm looking for, and click Next for the second page of results. And get the Please wait 25 seconds before attempting another search message. Is this intentional and, if so, why?
  5. That's why it's been clear to me that bad GwG offerings is part of their strategy to migrate people to Game Pass. Microsoft has been giving off signals for months that they'd love to kill off Gold as a separate service.
  6. In December I used to check everyday to see if the new functions had been enabled. Then every other day. Now I realize it's been close to week since my last visit. This is really the XBA owners' game to lose.
  7. Using the URL https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/south-park-the-stick-of-truth-xbox-one/achievement/117608-dragon-wrath.html The video is there for me in Chrome and Edge but not in Firefox on the same Windows 10 PC. All browsers are up to date.
  8. A search function that can handle punctuation marks. I entered Assassin's Creed and got a list of the entire series instead of "No Results Found" That was #1 on my list of improvements.
  9. The Desmond sequences in the main game were a detailed and convincing argument for me not to buy this DLC. I came for Assassin's Creed, not half-baked Portal like nonsense.
  10. I have no doubt that the update will be implemented when they're ready. How many people will still be on the site to see it is another question.
  11. I think the AC dev team had something in mind for this but Ubisoft wanted their cash fast so it got cut along with other things like the faction missions.
  12. I assumed that all 13 had to be run over in a single session but I did a couple of practice attempts in which I died after taking out only 5 or 6. On the third attempt, I noticed that the achievement was unlocked at a point where I definitely had run over only 5 guys so it appears to be cumulative.
  13. It's 2020 and Activision is still expecting $15 for each DLC including collection 2 which is less than 30 minutes of game play. This is what the all digital download world will be once the industry gets rid of physical media.
  14. Completed Il Principe today after many many attempts at "Young at Heart" with no feeling of accomplishment, just a profound dislike of Ubisoft's obnoxiousness. I then uninstalled the game, put the disc into storage, and will never ever play Brotherhood again.
  15. I noticed gamercard placeholders today and thought something might be happening.
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