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  1. If anyone could help me get the shooting range (and win a duel) achievements I would be extremely appreciative. These are the 2 last ones ( aside from a hidden achievement) I need. GT : ajennice00 I'll probably be on about 7pm EST tomorrow ( aug 11) Thanks in advance
  2. is there any fix to this yet? It's damn near impossible to even play online. Doing Circles of slaughter.... game freezes for a sec, then Boom... Down... freezes.. boom dead. Any work around on the XB1?
  3. From.tee to green...horrible. putting is a flipping guessing game
  4. honestly this game was bad! only a 1 to 5 action to cut scene ratio (guessing). I spent more time reading dialogue than actually playing. Fighting controls blew. AI was bad. relatively short. Absolutely no replay value or incentive to try to mop up achievements
  5. Jesus. This is more of a movie than a game. Between scenes and long load times, there isn't much actual play
  6. Are all the horses on here awkward? Seems like you can't run through the woods or through practically anything without bumping in about nine different trees. There have been times when I swerved to miss a tree but somehow still hit it just to get back on my horse take 3 steps and hit another one. They should definitely put some sort of up bumper up for the horse to let it slide around trees better
  7. Movement....sucks. slow and sluggish. Actions....slower... Auto removing weapons. Getting caught on rocks and small stuff. Walking speed is too slow. It's kinda making this game hard to want to keep playing right now.
  8. No. You HAD to get credit for weapon kills, vehicle, heroes..etc Those add to the percentage too.
  9. I had chatted WITH EA on bugs and disconnects. Not 1 time did they take any responsibility. I was told things from clearing cache, deleting and redownloading my profile, reformatting the hard drive, but the one that stands out (if I can upload the screenshot)....they told me to contact xbox about a new console...as if mine and hundreds of others are bad.
  10. Until you get good star cards be prepared to get owned star cards heavily favor the owner.
  11. I've read the posts on this and see it's fixable through co-op by joining a player who has these and restarting a mission. Would anyone be willing to start a mission so I can finish this game? Gt: ajennice00 Thanks in advance
  12. Yes.. bingo. Ironically this takes place after Shepherd.. so in the future... a good bit into the future. Why in dicks name do you have to return to a certain location for e-mail/conversation, when in 2017 we have phones that do those 2 tasks. He's got an AI in his head and a do dad on his wrist, but can't recover a damned email from anyone... can't call the Nexus and say " I'm a far piece away.. what do you want???" There should be a skip feature once you've seen a planet's landing/take off scene. The jump animation from solar system to solar system should be gone as well. you should just click the system, click the planet.. a load scene. them POP.. you're on surface. Also.. why make the galaxy so big and only off so little amounts of planets you can land on? I'm sure DLC will occupy some planets down the road...maybe. LOL kadara.. fly there... get the landing scene... do a 180 and opt for the slums.. load out screen... then run for 2 mile to get outside the walls....
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