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  1. Has anyone suffering from real bad frame rate drops after the recent update to xbox? I've been playing just fine then updated the xbox and relaunched the game and every 3/4 sec now everything on screen will stutter for a few secs. Really annoying cause it has cost me a really good keeper run. I've tried hard reboot, delete the game and redownload and nothing has fixed it.
  2. No difference when the 360 slim model launched. Still play the same games.
  3. Same here unlocked Lilith but no achievement. I redid the challenge and still nothing popped. I'm holding off on some of the game play till this is sorted out better since some of those achievements are very hard to get. Looking at you keeper and lost.
  4. As Floyd said you can unlock achievements offline but won't pop till you are online again. I ran into a problem last month where the Xbox gave me a message of connect online or lose your offline achievements. I thought it was odd and ignored it. Huge mistake when I did get online only 20 out of 65 achievements popped. So now I have to reply the games to re-unlock them. Not fun since some of them require me to start the game all over again.
  5. They sent out a tweet a few days ago stating that the achievements was included in the game package when they turned it into MS. They are looking into what went wrong.
  6. Why didn't they include new achievements? The steam version got new ones when it launched on the PC. Was looking forward to getting 1001% again!
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