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  1. To “unlock all heroes” do you need to fully escort them? Or do you just need to complete the challenge? I unfortunately had one hero mission pop up and the hero actually died before I could bring them back to base
  2. Looking for "Raiding Party" achievement. Korriban Kill Squad is the clan to join. We are looking for some people to get this achievement out of the way. Feel free to join or message me. https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/2048872 GT: lord of da sith
  3. I am doing my first playthrough on Master and got to the point where I assembled BT and completed the mission but didn't unlock the BT Prime achievement. Anyone else notice any weird issues like this playing via master?
  4. Hogwarts Alumni is a platinum rating, we are looking for more members, especially a vocalist! If you want to enlist please do!
  5. So you can officially earn 100% achievements in this game being the 2nd player?
  6. Looking to do the complete Easter Egg on Shadows of Evil, along with campaign on realistic difficulty. I have a mic and will be on all day today and tomorrow. Send me a message. GT: lord of da sith
  7. This is where I disagree, you can only go so far for the original trilogy. I understand people love the original trilogy to death and what not, but for video game purposes it should be everything. Since it wasn't in the original game, I was hoping it would be DLC. But no, EA is like "let's release Battlefront with hardly any maps only being original trilogy, and announce the season pass which will include MORE original trilogy maps. And then to finish it all off, announce plans for Battlefront 2 which will have stuff outside of the original trilogy." For this exact reason, I hope people DON'T buy the season pass or if they do, wait until it's on sale. I just can't help but think they had more than enough time to put more maps in the base game, especially since the game is focusing online hardcore. They need more training missions, honestly those are the most enjoyable part of the game except they are short.
  8. What do you guys want as future DLC? I for one really want them to add the prequels. I loved rolling around as a Droideka. Otherwise they should add Mustafar and Cloud City for planets as those were my favorite from way back when. Personally I think the first DLC will be heavily tied towards Episode 7 so hopefully they add Kylo Ren.
  9. What do you guys think should be added in future updates? This is what I think: - Achievement tracker (especially for getting 85% on all scripted guitar solos) - An option to turn on/off a note streak counter. I always loved this in Guitar Hero, just knowing what my note streak is. If people don't like this, give the option for it to be turned on/off. - Moving the achievement/notification pop up. It's really annoying having the notifications pop up right at the bottom of the screen and mess up while your playing an instrument! - Somehow get all the songs to have the same volume level. I've noticed pre RB3 songs are much louder than those after. It's annoying always needing to adjust the volume based on what song you play. - Better support for surround systems, as stated above, some songs I really need to turn up the volume for.
  10. My biggest complaint is easily the instruments/connectivity. I finally got my system calibrated so the lag isn't horrible, but when I'm signing a song and the tambourine part comes up, it misses like 90% of the time and I have no idea why. I also have no issue with disconnecting of instruments playing solo, but when playin with friends it's another story. My drum stays connected fine but the guitar will disconnect or stop being able to strum at least once a song. And these are the new instruments not the old ones!
  11. Looking to boost all online achievements. Gamer tag: lord of da sith
  12. I am looking for someone to boost the My Park achievements. I need win 3 games in a row, and get 7pts, assists, and rebounds in one game. If you are interested message me! lord of da sith
  13. How do you make a profit in MYGM? I'm in my 7th season and my current profit is -$131,455,440. How can I get this into the positive so I'm making money?
  14. I believe they patched it now. I can't seem to get it to work in solo anymore. Hopefully someone finds another one soon so I can get my 50 rounds!
  15. Does anyone know if this works online? I just did it solo and it was super boring I wanted to kill myself. I died on 43 because I fricken threw a grenade but one of there grenadiers fired at me so it counted as if I commited suicide and then I lost. This achievement really sucks
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