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    Embry-Riddle with a B.S. in Unmanned Aircraft Systems - UAS Operations Track - Technician
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  1. I have five different boosting sessions set up. Click on the link & join which ones you want to join. Base MP achievements & second assault achievements China Rising achievements Navel Assault achievements Dragon Teeth achievements Final Stand achievements
  2. I have made boosting sessions for all dlc. Please look them up and please join. Thanks.
  3. CO-OP Achievments: Annual Mind the Gap D Multiplayer Achievements: Party Pooper Planting A Flag The True King Roadkill Rampage Rock and Coil Hit Back My gamertag is iL Kiaeneto Li
  4. I've completed just over 30 quest and still haven't unlocked the you're fired achievement for killing ten bosses. Anyone have any input?
  5. This might help a lot of you just starting to play and even for the people who played it before on their smartphones. Fallout Shelter Reddit FAQ page
  6. I opened the rest of the lunchboxes on my xbox one and the achievements started to track again and counted the ones that I received on my pc. For some reason it's not being tracked on my pc.
  7. The three legendary achievements, collect 20 legendary dwellers, weapons & outfits. I bought the starter pack for my vault on xbox one and you get a a legendary dweller with a legendary outfit and weapon and it counted towards all three achievements. I decided to go ahead and support the game by buying $20 worth of lunchboxes and opened some (on my pc) to have received legendary dwellers, weapons and outfits but the achievement tracker isn't moving. Is the pc version not counting them and bugged since I opened the starter pack on my xbox one and it counted the legendary dweller etc towards the achievements. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. How do I change the time on my windows 10 PC? Just got my first windows pc and pretty knew to the OS.
  9. All achievements do not carry over from vault to vault. Must be in a single vault.
  10. I'm understanding everything up to the [brotherhood of Steel Quest] Blind Betrayal quest and then I save 1. I do the BoS / finish game and then I load up save 1 and follow the reload save 1. After I do reload save 1 where does the save 2 come into play? No where does it say to make 2 different saves. I'm a bit confused. EDIT: I reread this a couple times and think I got it now. I'm to sleepy lol. So I do everything in reload save 1 and then I make save 2? If someone can confirm this for me. Thanks.
  11. I haven't played this game in forever and have zero achievements and thought about playing it again to get the achievements. Can you rent servers and boost for achievements? If so I would be willing to boost for all achievements / assignments. Either your server or I could more then likely get one.
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