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  1. Hello heisters, Just to let you know that some new content is coming out next week! Here is a video where Amir gives us some information about this new DLC and future console updates: [ame] [/ame] I'm not sure if new achievements will be added but as a Payday fan, still happy when new stuff comes out Cheers,
  2. I voted 100+ but it took me roughly 300+hours to fully complete the game. It is really time consuming as the 4 difficulty achievements do not stack. You have to complete every single heist 4 times: hard, very hard, overkill and death wish which means 184 heists in total. Also, it's highly recommended to have a good team for death wish runs.
  3. I've just unlocked the death wish achievement and I confirm that you need the free DLC heists (not the 4 missions from paid DLC). Good luck then as some of them are really insane
  4. Unfortunately yes... I got all the difficulty achievements during the past few days (excepted Death Wish) and I confirm that you need all the new missions (the ones from paid DLC are not required).
  5. My advice is to switch between jobs to avoid these reductions. If you do a job X times in a row, you'll start to get reductions: 1%, then 3% and so on (the maximum is 15% I think). Play some other contracts and it should go.
  6. This is what I thought. Who can we contact then? It seems Overkill doesn't care about it.
  7. Hey Pants, Yes apparently. I've completed all the original heists on hard yesterday + the ones from the free update : no cheevo. On PS4 they have to complete also the heists from paid DLC to unlock the trophy, so I think we re in the same boat on Xbox One. Aren't they supposed to keep the same requirements for achievements when they add new content?
  8. The free DLC is included in the update (15GB) available through your console (My games and apps > check for updates). It's not in the marketplace.
  9. More than a year after the game release, Payday 2 is finally getting updated (15GB) with a lot of content. Better late than never... [ame] [/ame]
  10. I guess a dunk is just a "goal" in Hoops mode or maybe an aerial shot. Certified items may be the ones you gain at the end of online games (like hats, etc...). [Edit] there it is: http://www.rocketleaguegame.com/news/2016/06/introducing-painted-certified-items/
  11. Thanks for the walkthrough Are you planning to do the same for the other episodes?
  12. I think I've got this game in my library for years but never started it. If there are online achievements, it could be a good occasion to start it (and for fun too)
  13. How hard are these achievements? I'm gonna wait for them to be updated on xbox.com before starting it though
  14. I got the New 3DS XL MM, pretty awesome : https://instagram.com/c_dr1c/p/zBKSkjEBL4/
  15. You're right, but XBA and other websites are taking the info from xbox.com an not from your console, that's why I was asking. No big deal though...
  16. DLC already? Well, It's about time to start that game...
  17. SSX http://file1.npage.de/005796/49/bilder/sm_handyc_03_b_my_3_h_22.gif Not that easy but I really enjoyed playing that game
  18. Thanks for the info but I don't have a Xbox One. Should I try with Smartglass for One and still check my 360 achievements?
  19. Hi there, I have some issues with my gamerscore and I would like to know if anyone has already experienced this. Actually, everytime I unlock the last achievement in a game, the corresponding gamerscore never adds up on xbox.com. Everything is fine on the 360 (achievements + gamerscore) but not on xbox.com. For example, my 360 displays 153300 while xbox.com only shows 153275, like if the last achievement unlocked hasn't been taken into account. Any ideas?
  20. I've just started the game so if anyone wants to boost the 50 requirements quickly, send me a message over the Live. My GT: amacteur Cheers
  21. Joyeux Noël miss :)

  22. Yes, he can join your game but can't buy transport jobs.
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