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  1. Glad i wasn't the only one that the update didn't fix the problem for , replayed the 5th episode and it didn't unlock the 1st chapter achievement, all the achievements are now coloured in so in theory unlocked but don't have the 200g for the episode and still stuck at 24/30 achievements, have an open ticket but they insist on keep telling me to redownload my profile, which i've done and it did nothing, plus its still 800/800 on xbox.com, and here and trueachievements both claim no-one has the episode
  2. Mines sat at 24/24 800G , the whole of Episode 5 doesn't seem to exist on 360 even though i've completed it.
  3. Reinstalled the game, cleared the cache still the same , thinking i'm going to have to delete the save file , and start all over again
  4. So everything starts out fine , unlocked loads and then it started to lag and they popped minutes after i'd performed the action to get an achievement then towards the end of the game it stops unlocking , on my first play through i know i killed 75 with rifle , upgraded a weapon , finished the game and got 75% of docs etc but none of the achievements popped Started a new game on a new save and got 2 to unlock yesterday but just got to the 100% on my rifle and its not unlocking again , and i know for sure i've done all the convo's to get that achievement , i'm loathed to keep playing the game over and over and over , its not that good that it can keep me interested for yet another play through lol anyone find a way to get them to pop ? I'm gonna go and uninstall the game and reinstall and see if that helps , if not i'm gonna bang my head against the wall for a while Any help appreciated
  5. Ok so i've done all the rest and this one is starting to annoy, how do i get past the 2 deatheaters blocking my way to the toilet ? lol never thought i'd have to type that .....
  6. Trying another attempt to get this, 8pm (gmt) sunday 8th of may , anyone that wants to join fr me before hand, gt: adamp2006 , and we'll try to get some other achievements aswell if anyone needs them
  7. Need a few more players, anyone that has the achievement already fancy making up the numbers for us ?
  8. Ok change of plan, i will be hosting a game tomorrow, 7pm (gmt) to get this and any others, anyone that wants in should add me by then again gt is : adamp2006 , will also assist getting any of the other TF2 achievements anyone might need
  9. If anyone else needs this or any other like the turret or burn achievements i'm putting together a party right now, just add me on live gt : adamp2006
  10. I'll be available most of the day tomorrow, if anyone puts together a group to do this message me on live GT : adamp2006
  11. Around evenings uk time, let me know 1. CUPooUT 2. A Corpsemess 3. FrosGayLover 4. Anokon 5. AdamP2006 6. 7. 8.
  12. seeking help getting my final TIR achievement for winning all 9 events :-)
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