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  1. Hey folks, I don't have much experience in this matter so I'm looking for some advice on moving a profile to another Xbox- Is it strictly done via downloading from the cloud, or is there some way of using external storage, like making a copy of an account on an external hard drive and bringing that somewhere else? A friend of mine wants to play through A Way Out and get achievements while we do it, but we've only got the one copy of the game, so moving his profile to my Xbox for the length of the playthrough should work for that right? Oh one last Q: if he transfers his account over here via the cloud, does he need to re-download his profile to his home console afterwards? Thanks in advance!
  2. Update, still happening every tme I boot my console, though now theres a second game joining the list- the NHL 19 beta, which, like Captain Spirit, is no longer on my console. This is so frustrating. I saw an option to 'delete all groups' wondering if anyone gave it a try to see if would reset everything. I may try this later (after writing down the names of everything I still want pinned of course)
  3. So, I use the Pins system (Groups I guess they call it now) to keep track of games I own digitally but haven't beaten yet (plus a few games I drop into every now and then like Binding of Issac or PUBG), but I've been running into a strange issue over the last couple of days. I downloaded the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit back when it launched and pinned it until I had time to play through it. I did that just recently and once I was done, hit unpin. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to check my pins a couple days ago to find Captain Spirit had re-pinned itself, I wrote it off as a one-time glitch, hit unpin and went about my day. The next time I went down to pins, it was back, and it's returned every time I booted up my Xbox since, even after I tried deleting the game, and all data related to it on the console. Any advice as to how to stop this? (I have tried a hard reset of the console, didn't work)
  4. I don't have an X and I don't plan on getting one, especially not in the near future. So why am I being forced to waste storage space on patches that don't benefit me in any way? Storage space is at a premium on my console because I don't like deleting games that I may play again one day, (like Halo 5, Gears 4 or Titanfall 2 for example) and I don't have the spare cash to go buy another external HDD. I already had to delete Quantum Break despite wanting to replay it because of that 85 gig patch or whatever it totaled up to. Anyway, what I'm saying is these patches should be optional downloads that show up under ready to install or on the store under each game's add-on list.
  5. Hey folks, how's everyone doing? Leafs fan here (desperately trying to stay calm despite the tire fire that is our defense) and since the NHL'18 board is dead I figured I'd drop in over here to ask a question about Franchise Mode. I've never played it before this game, but the expansion feature drew me in. I did a 32nd team expansion and part of that is you have the option (or it might be mandatory, can't remember) to create your AHL affiliate. In short, I've been completely ignoring them and they're currently a raging dumpster fire, locker room chemistry is at like 40% and in 40+ games they've got less than 10 wins. I want to improve that, I kind of have to for the sake of the franchise, but I don't want to make a knee-jerk reaction like go sign a bunch of free agents to 2-way contracts mid-season and screw up my cap situation, but that seems like the only way to redeem the team at this point, at least try and bump a few of these AHL-level players that the game auto-assigns the team with a 50 or less overall rating out of the lineup. Any tips?
  6. So, I've had this game sitting on my desk for over a year now, I decided to get it based on the track record of the Far Cry series, but it turns out this one just wasn't for me (Boring story, limited combat options and lack of a quick way to traverse the world being the main factors). I still want to finish it, because it was a birthday gift, and I'd feel shitty about basically throwing away a gift. For all it might get amazing in the back half, but for now, I'm perpetually stuck at 10.73% completion. At the time of writing, the quests available to me are the 4 beast master hunts, Karoosh's save a mammoth, mount it, and trample the udam', Jayma's mammoth hunt mission, Wogah's 'gather feathers', Legend of the Mammoth, and some village missions. I'm also being told to return to the village to progress the story, for whatever it's worth. So yeah, the questions are- what's the fastest path I can take to rush through the main story? Any sidequests in particular I should look out for? Useful Upgrades to make that are not time-consuming?
  7. So is there any reason why we can't buy this DLC, Artorias of the Abyss, directly from the Xbox One store? I wanted to finally play through it on a replay that I'm currently doing, and it's apparently only available to purchase on xbox.com and the 360 store. Also, when I just tried to buy it off xbox.com, it's only giving me a prompt to download it to my 360. So, how would I go about getting it downloaded to my XB1?
  8. So is there any reason why we can't buy the DLC directly from the Xbox One store? I wanted to finally play through it on a replay that I'm currently doing, and it's apparently only available to purchase on xbox.com and the 360 store. Also, when I just tried to buy it off xbox.com, it's only giving me a prompt to download it to my 360. So, how would I go about getting it downloaded to my XB1? EDIT: Solved. For anyone having this issue- You download it by buying it off the website or a 360, then the DLC will appear as ready to install under Dark Souls in Manage Games.
  9. Reloaded Blood and Rust on Easy to do this, as I missed it on my playthrough, have done it 3 times now with both Freeborn and Shaver surviving right to the tunnel, but no achievement. EDIT: A few minutes after posting this, I noticed it had popped in the activity feed, I just didn't get any notification at all of it on-screen
  10. Yesterday my Xbox began randomly disconnecting me from Live, just for a second but long enough to take me out of games/parties/etc. And then when it immediately reconnects, I can't join party chat unless I do a hard reset, even then I occasionally get the error that states 'Something went wrong with your party' My internet connection is fine, I'm using my computer to facebook message my friends when it happens. It's never done this before and I haven't been doing anything different or changed my setup, in fact I'm using the same setup that I've had everything in since my first 360 was set up 8 years ago, so I have no clue what brought this on. Anyone know what's up or experienced something similar?
  11. (The one with Dishonored Definitive Edition included, not any kind of collector's editions) Are these still being actively sold as base units, or are they actually 'limited' to a certain timeframe? I noticed a day or so ago that EB Games (Canada) has shifted their listings of DH2 from limited editions to just a standard edition. Best buy is still advertising them as LE's as of the last time I checked. Due to the annual overabundance of great games, I decided that Dishonored 2 i going to be a Christmas purchase, so I have time to complete my backlog without being distracted by a new release (same goes for Watch Dogs 2), plus it'll give me time to read the Corroded Man prequel novel (that most likely will affect nothing to my perception of game's story, or at least I presume going by how other developers (BioWare, Epic) actively ignored the stories of their officially licensed novels) I played Dishonored 1 on the 360 (and all of the DLC) but I'd like to own a copy of the DE, to give myself a good (and free) excuse to go back to the original without having to dig out my 360 disc.
  12. I've just been hit with a 2 week suspension for 'inappropriate communications' while expressing my frustrations with the gears 4 hammerburst (for those unfamiliar it's a burst-fire rifle players can start with. In its current unpatched state it downs, if not outright kills in 1-3 bursts.) The damage counter on screen reads '100% damage in 5/8 shots' In comparison, the lancer rifle needs a minimum of 11 shots to land to hit 100% damage. Not to mention the fact that I've even encountered a party of players who were using controllers modded with a turbo trigger to increase their rate of fire and make matches near unplayable. Up until this year, I messaged players a couple times, calling them out for their abuse of broken or unbalanced game mechanics. It's just who I was, I'm not proud of it but its true. I had a suspension in September 2015 and another in November for communications on Gears of War Ultimate and Halo 5 respectively. In my youth on the 360 I was an insufferable mouthpiece (at times), shooting messages left, right and center, and only once in 6 years did I get a suspension. I made a resolution after then to change, I didn't want to be that a-hole who got mad and spread hate needlessly. Tonight, I let my frustration get the better of me (tiredness and the stress of the day weighing on my mind didn't help) and vent on one of these players, literally one. My first message sent since the suspension last year. Within 15 minutes I get the notification of enforcement. How is this fair? Players can do as they wish to abuse the game in their favor, but the minute you say something, you're the bad guy. To head off those responses, I filed a complaint against the players (like I normally do) and applied for a case review on the enforcement site.
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