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  1. Hi Kitana7774 , Just bought the game , hopefully you will see my reply , if you still have this game i'm willing to do the online missions. I have only just got the game so could start an online game with you, no problem .. I'm in the UK , just in case for the time difference . my Gamertag is Sp4rky1908 if you are interested
  2. I noticed as i was playing my game that if you notch up some levels to start with , then if you start the game again , u keep your level where you was at but you start again , so you could have every weapon and spaces available to hacve a better chance at completing this super hard game ! .. did anyone else notice this ?
  3. I got the Full game and the Undead nightmare , all DLC for free , 95 achievements in all in one .. deffo worth it ! lol
  4. The same exactly happened to me , i've completed the storymode gameplay 100% , i just started the game again , and it worked , i think killing yourself (on the game) worked as well , u just start outside the town and ya can start from scratch as usual
  5. I just need one blue canister to get game completion , i'm at 41/42 achievements , and ive been trying to do it for about a year .. its doinn my nut in ! .. episode 6 , chapter 6 .. arrgghhh !!
  6. Lucky you are nearly done, you might finished it and git the achievement by now .. I'd just crack on with it , I'm having to do it all again, i got halfway and my external Memory said it needed formatting , i nearly cried . but that was all my other games as well ... proper gutted
  7. Hey , just thought i'd say hi .. Sp4rky1908 is my gaamer tag , Mark is my name i was born with and i'm from West Yorkshire, England
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