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  1. I'll disregard any other issues and focus on just countering/blocking. I can't seem to counter half the time. It just doesn't pick it up in time. And enemies sometimes give you a second to do so. Is this how it's supposed to be? Holding my arm in the position just for it to ignore it?
  2. Make sure you beat all of the optional bosses and get gold in both arenas. I never even had to look for it, I just got it by progressing, so I really have no idea. Possibly explore the ice cave and make sure you opened all the chests there. For the final area, just try to avoid the clones that come out of the water, make a lot of potions and heal before the final boss. Gouge from Amon hurts him a LOT and makes him bleed on top of that. It's really the only thing you need to do to kill him, while using everyone else to heal. It might take a while, but it's very easy.
  3. If you haven't beat it yet, just wait until you're stronger. Taika can hurt it well with water blast and Amon with ranged (not sure if you can melee it). But at level 12, I'm not sure you can beat it. The boss inflicts burning and more importantly, BLEED. So make sure you have a group that has bonds that make it so you are immune to bleed. You'll just have to deal with the annoying sleep because nothing can prevent that. If you wait until you are 17-20, he is laughably easy.
  4. In this guide/road map there is a secret achievement to beat an optional boss called "magoc the hollow" who is north of the Tower of Bhur? He's pretty tough, but use fire traps, Gnar super healing when it's up, and curse from Taiko while spamming potions to make sure your hp is always full and you will beat him without much trouble. He drops everything you're missing.
  5. You need the recipe before it will give you the plant upgrade. I'm 100% sure on that.
  6. It really made me feel like the combat was horrible at that point. Although now that I am max level I do find it more enjoyable. I just beat this game, thanks to your guide, the final boss was a real pushover. Bleed wrecks him (that and the initial 5.5k crits from gouge). Experienced a few bugs and it was frustrating at points, but overall I liked it.
  7. Thanks, I used Ctrl+F to see if it was mentioned and it didn't turn up. Your guide has helped me a ton. This is odd though, because I cleared that Tree many times. Those thieves were great for leveling up bonds. I found the other bridge to pull down, one the in the bottom right corner of the first area. I had only seen the top right one.
  8. I currently can't find any help online and am stuck trying to progress the game. I need to find the Ur-Soil somewhere in Ramoo, and I have looked everywhere and still have no idea what to do. I have probably spent an hour wandering around the Ramoo area.
  9. That's when it got the hardest for me, leaving scroll road or whatever and heading to Zuvia. The enemies got a HUGE leap in difficulty, especially since I easily killed everything in that cave and even grinded a bit there. I'm level 20 now and with all the perks and stuff I have it seems to be somewhat better, but the enemies are still pretty strong. But yes, it does have a steep learning curve. I'm not sure I enjoy that. Going through bad times to get to good, then doing the same thing all over again. Bosses are bosses. So my main gripe would just have to be about the strength of common enemies. Although, me using character setups to raise bonds while progressing, instead of using all of my most developed characters made it a bit worse on myself.
  10. It seems to be working for me now, although I had to quit the game and come back a few times because it would track up to 4 battles for the first round. It seems to be a little buggy. I had no trouble with the tracking in the stronger arena.
  11. I think the arena achievement may be bugged? I can't seem to get gold in Zaber since it counts battles incorrectly. For example, the first round where there are two groups of four enemies counts as 3/5 battles for me when I pull them all at once.
  12. Has anyone found and skills from using this yet? I am almost level 20 and have only found one. It was from an ice Barghast (In the big ice cave area) and gave me frost bite. I have used it many times and found no other skills. Can he only learn skills from other wolf like enemies? Nevermind, I see a few listed in the road map thread.
  13. I have completed this quest 5 times, but when I bring him 25 more for a sixth time (and he still says he needs them), he just gives me his original dialogue.
  14. Honestly I don't remember. I can check really quick. Yeah, now I remember. A bridge does appear outside of the gate, south from it. It might be connected to the puzzle inside so make sure you light up (and then activate) the puzzle piece with all three colors.
  15. I think you take a right down some stairs until you see a giant metal gate and an enemy that powers it you need to kill. For everyone else, this game is infuriating. I wish there was a fucking way to just go to the title screen from the middle of battle. This game has not really become more enjoyable, and it has to do with the battle system. Halfway through the game, I doubt it's going to magically get better. If an enemy isn't hitting you for thousands with an aoe, it's loading you up with status ailments, making each fight a hassle.
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