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  1. One thing that bugged me about the old game was the Turn Timer that couldn't be switched off. I can understand the need for it in a standard MP game to stop anti social play, but where both players agree you should be able to turn it off... Anyone know if that's been changed at all?
  2. I am (or have become rather) a bit of a sniper, so the Tiger 1 it is then. TBH i didn't really like the P4. Paper thin armour and just an ok gun, but its good to know that the guns i've unlocked will remain.
  3. Thanks for the warning Delta. That's a real shame as it looked every part an awesome tank. Hmmmm is the Panzer IV any good? Liked that one too...
  4. What nationality does everyone prefer? Ever since I was a kid I loved German Tanks. Sooooo guess I'll be working towards my Tiger! Is there faction play? Don't think so......
  5. How many coins for the Auto Rifle and how many motes for the helm? Sorry for the question but i am at work just now so i can't log on, and i don't have a mobile data signal so i can't check the app thanks in advance
  6. It's doable Solo. I like if at least one other person is helping though. You don't need to concentrate much then
  7. Misery, There is nearly always people there, so I'd just turn up! Also easily done solo.
  8. I'd quite like them to nerf this. As a level 24 I spend too much time farming this spot, and it's not a lot of fun 😳 I'm just not disciplined enough to leave it alone! Too many shiney shinies dropping. I need someone to make the decision for me and stop me farming there hehe.
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