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  1. Need help boosting the Online Achievements for this game if anyone is willing to help. GT: PinguTheFlid
  2. Looking to get the two online achievements GT: PinguTheFlid
  3. Just set up new gaming session so if you need both online achievements message me. Gamer tag is in description of the session details.
  4. Where ever is cheapest probably bought more from amazon in terms of console games. PC games i buy from steam and humble bundle because they put them on sale a lot. Been spending quite a bit on marketplace aswell thanks to cheap arcade games.
  5. I need both online achievements for 3d ultra minigolf so post and we will set up a game for all who posted so we can all get those pesky achievements
  6. Hopefully Game of Thrones will continue and release their new series next year. Probably what I'm most looking forward to
  7. Thanks for the suggestions I will look imto those
  8. 3d ultra minigolf are easy achievements if you can find someone online to help boost the online achievements because no one plays online. Sadly still searching for someone to help me boost the last two achievements
  9. Does anyone know whether fifa street servers are still up because I know they had plans to close them last year but then I heard they might stay up.
  10. Hi not looking for a game recommendation as such more a reccomendation on whether to get an xbox one with a kinect bundled or to not and get a bundle with a game for 50 pound cheaper. My main concern in not getting the kinect is that because you had to buy the console with the kinect when it was first released will games be looking to put kinect achievements in regular games. So if people could give me advice on which console bundle to buy I would be most grateful.
  11. GT: PinguTheFlid not many games yet because I've only recently joined xbox live. Have a 360 and will be getting a one in a couple of weeks feel free to add me. I am also looking for some recommendations for some games good for achievement hunting.
  12. Any easy arcade games because avatar is still quite expensive and I don't really want to spend that kind of money on a game which would only last me a short period of time.
  13. Although they drew I still think Chelsea will pull away from city this year if Diego Costa keeps scoring like he is and yaya toure doesn't get his form back
  14. I put this in the new user part of the forum because I have recently registered so hi there also if anyone has the first 3d ultra minigolf or soulcalibur 2 hd feel free to add me on live because I need help with their online achievements due to lack of people online. GT: PinguTheFlid
  15. Hi I'm new to xbox and I bought a 360 will be buying a one soon. Been playing a few arcade games and a couple of retail. Obviously being on this website as well means I want as big a gamer score as possible so was wondering if anyone had recommendations or games which they would class as having easy achievements. Thanks in advance
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