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  1. Ok so I have a strange question, are there any weapons or options in the game where you hold the button to attack instead of mashing it repeatedly?
  2. Actually ignore that! When you get about halfway through the campaign the timer is enabled. You get 4 minutes per turn.
  3. There's no turn timer on the single player campaign. I think it's 2 minutes multiplayer.
  4. Thanks for the quick answer, I'll be getting this tomorrow then!
  5. Hi was looking at getting this preowned and was wondering does the dlc for the pre-sequel download automatically or is there a voucher code included? I only ask because the borderlands 1 & 2 GotY editions had a code you had to use to download all the dlc. It wasn't on the disc.
  6. So have they cheaped out and included a 1 use code for the game of the year edition like Ryse Legendary Edition did? I can't see it on the trade-in site I use so I'm thinking they have done.
  7. Can you free roam & do anything like get collectibles as Harley or is her story totally separate?
  8. I've been stuck on 23/30 legionnaire kills for ages, I've done all the weapon challenges and killed numerous enemies but I've hardly seen any Legionnaires. Where are they?!
  9. I got the season pass and it seems they're not bothering to add achievements for the 2 add on packs that are now out. Disappointing as practically every dlc on xbox one has achievements added too. I've asked them on twitter a few times but never got a reply.
  10. As the title says, I'm wondering what are the fastest ways to get renovation materials. Can they only be got from looting other ships & collecting flotsam?
  11. I've noticed the @wwegames twitter has said this was built from scratch and is a base to build on, basically admitting it's a rush job. Not worth full price at all.
  12. Left it searching after setting my preferences on the bizarre new matchmaking system. No matches after 5 minutes. The old style of hosting or searching a lobby was much better. Getting in a game with a friend could be difficult.
  13. Same here. They've taken out a lot of match variations, match options, controller options are locked (I usually use dpad for movement) and as other have said the new online setup means I can't do matches with a friend. Gameplay seems sluggish compared to last years version too.
  14. Did you find a quicker way to get loads of KO's for the million? I enjoy the game but don't think the reward is decent enough for the time it would take me.
  15. I've found Kai is very good for getting big combos. Highly levelled gives her a large musuo bar and you can just spam her RB special attack.
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