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  1. Finally finished 100% Dark Souls 2 on 360. Looking forward to the Xbox One release! Now time to finish up Naruto Generations then to start working on The Master Chief Collection. Anybody else enjoy their 100% run?
  2. Has anyone tried getting some multiplayer achievements in private/custom games yet? That would be awesome if a lot of these could be done in a private/custom game!
  3. lol Didn't even see this thread when I posted mine. Agreed, just finished it recently and wow. Just wow......
  4. Hands down, Akumu is by far one of the, if not the hardest most RNG game modes I have ever played. Took me quite sometime to finish. It definitely tested my patience. But man! Those brass knuckles are sick! Geeze what a nightmare. Had to walk outside after the Turret gun part after the ambulance. took me like 2-3 hour a lone just for that part. Best of luck to everyone. Flash Bolts are your best friend http://imgur.com/LxZiPDh pic for proof!
  5. I bought the steam version for cheap when it was on sale like a couple of weeks ago. That's when I found out that Steam no longer gave out the 25 digit code. So I ordered the retail version from Amazon and entered in the code straight from the box. Never even put the disc in my pc.
  6. I'll be honest, I have been putting a lot of hard work into my account and after I read through the new achievements and I know there going to add more in the future, I might not even bother with this game on my 100% account. Run on sentence I know..... haha Anyways! Anyone else feel the same? These new achievements literally shot me down. I love Halo, but after the glitched achievements in Halo 4, I might not even bother with this game. I went from super hyped to like uhhh no.
  7. UPDATE: Bought the physical copy from Amazon and it worked!
  8. Bought a copy on Amazon, will update thread to let everyone know. Should be here Tuesday.
  9. You can buy a physical copy from Amazon and it comes with the 25 digit code. Updated: 10/28/14
  10. Add me: Chromite Knight Getting ready for Halo Collection and been super into achievement hunting! Woo!
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