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  1. A year later: Yes, there is. However I found last night that you can't save checkpoints within a chapter. However you will get to keep any inventory/money you had, if you quit mid-chapter.
  2. I only need one more achievement from the store for buying all the versus characters, yet it seems I am not gaining points? I know I played Mercenaries Reunion last night and got 4 B/A ranks. (I remember seeing that I got 1000 - 1500 points for them in the results screen.) I only need the last two characters for versus, so I visit the store and I have less than 3000 points. (Also, not sure if this gives points but I've completed the Nightmares DLC twice recently, once on Pro, once on Normal.) What the hell? Has anyone else experienced this? It would appear the game is not giving me the points I've earned...
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