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  1. Hey nice, I love hot sauce. Recently purchased the Pepper X last dab hot sauce. It's really not that bad. I drenched 10 chicken wings in them and gobbled them down. I now use it on a meal at least every two days. Edit: I have 168 days on Rocket League which is over 4000 hours. 1100 hours on Minecraft, but that's just a single version. Probably close to that on Xbox One version, and close to that again on 360 version.
  2. Man, finding out the Halo servers are going down Jan 13, and then remembering that Halo ODST and Halo 4 have been on the back burner for 10+ years is not a fun thing. Of all the Halo games, those two were my least favourite, in fact Halo 4 was insufferable. Anyways, got those completed as fast as possible. Getting the Halo 4 PvP achievements was a nightmare. Even boosting, the servers are already completely broken, it took us 10 hours. Seeing the most played games comments. Mine is Rocket League at close to 4,000 hours. Second Minecraft at probably around 2,000 hours. Then maybe Sea of Thieves at 500-750?
  3. He can play my games without me being signed in because his Xbox is my home Xbox. So if I wanted to "boost" a game with myself, the only way to do that would be to sign into my profile on my Xbox Series, and to sign into my profile on my Xbox One. My game licenses are linked to my profile and my home Xbox. Since you said that I can't sign into my Xbox One and my Series X at the same time, then I can't achievement hunt with myself.
  4. Here's what I'm trying to say: I want to be able to play my games on my Xbox Series, my Xbox One, and also allow my cousin to play my games on his Xbox.
  5. Yes but like I said earlier, I game share with my cousin. So his xbox is my home console and vice versa. I can't do that without disrupting our game sharing.
  6. Yeah but I would need to be signed into my main on both consoles in order to play my games and also in order to play online to share my gold membership.
  7. I could only be signed into one at a time? Dang. That totally defeats my boosting hopes.
  8. Question. If I bought an Xbox Series X... Will I have to game share with my Xbox One in order to play my games on both consoles? That would ruin my game sharing with my cousin. Hmmm. How does it work?
  9. Dirty, I finally got around to playing Drunken Fist. It's so fucking good hahaha! I drop kicked a cop down a flight of stairs into an abyss. I'll send you the clip.
  10. Why announce backwards compatibility a month before shutting down the servers? Very strange. RIP.
  11. Okay thanks heheheheheheheheeeeeeeee Is there a list somewhere? EDIT: Nevermind, found the list. YES Skate 2. I've been waiting seven years for Skate 2 to become backwards compatible. And when you said they announced 70+ games I wasn't holding my breath, because after all these years why would I? Finally. Fuck.
  12. Is there a new list of site awards? Dirty, I just looked at your badges and feel like every single badge I ever earned is gone. Not sure how to get them back. I wrote plenty of guides, did green thumbs, donated, all kinds of stuff for this site. Not really cool to just strip people of all that because of an update and then expect them to go through the manual labour of reclaiming them...
  13. Welcome to the RLCS Discussion Board. Post your thoughts and predictions, and discuss your favourite teams and players. NRG fan here. Favourite player, Squishy. Least favourite team, FaZe Clan. Least favourite player, that tool Firstkiller.
  14. Hey nice!! Thanks. It's certainly not years too late. eSports are only getting more popular. In fact, Rocket League is currently at the start of their 11th season with a prize pool of six million dollars. Theres going to be three LAN tournaments throughout the year and a World tournament in the summer.
  15. Honestly, if it is a hassle then don't even worry about it. I made the post a year and a half ago because I was looking to discuss RLCS with some people the way I would talk about Hockey in the Sports Bar section. I assumed it would have been easier to create a forum section for esports and then the users could create forums for whichever esport they would like to discuss. Adding a forum to each game that has a competitive esport seems like a lot of work.
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