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  1. It's a really close one but the fact that City was just an improvement on Asylum makes it better. It had decently priced DLC, the game world was expansive, it didn't have that "Confined" feel Asylum had which in way works but you get really tired of the same corridors over and over and over.
  2. In terms of combat: Robin In terms of Predator maps: Catwoman Robin was not as good as the others for he was a little quicker but he doesn't hit as hard, i also found his lack of certain moves to be a pain because you might as well just pick Batman. I like Catwoman for combat because the fact she has barely any gadgets means that you can focus on just getting high combos and plus she's the fastest one there is so she can combo together REALLY well! She equally sucks for predator maps because she can barely do anything it requires you to do really specific things and it drove me up the wall
  3. I think for this the year doesn't matter. I just went through and put it on the dates that it told me on the wall and it was fine. It took me like an hour of just going through and changing my date. Was the last one i got i think.
  4. This achievement is an utter bitch of one to get. Just to be clear, you can get hit by the debris and the side of the tunnel, just not his attacks. They're fairly slow to dodge. Just be careful of the laser because you need to switch characters to avoid it, also when you're in close avoid is hand clap thing by just floating up a bit and you can usually just go in for the kill then. Achievement Hunter do a great guide for it.
  5. Sounds like you have a glitch there. Maybe try HOLDING them instead of pressing? If not maybe try cleaning your disc
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