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  1. I am looking for someone to run through all of the achievements, I have 2 copies and would prefer to do the campaign stuff first. feel free to send me a message on xbl xTheChupacabra10x
  2. Fuck you too Rob lol

  3. I need the alterate jersey for the Cape Breton screaming eagles to complete the collector. If someone could lend it to me, Id give it right back. Contact me over XBL xChupacabra10x
  4. Hey do I know you?

  5. thanks, I hope I get the job.....oh wait...I did lol

  6. you never know when i will be on, all depends on how the interview goes, i figure ill be home around 4pm gmt truthfully

  7. happy Birthday Peckersniff

  8. Ya I just found out I have a job interview at 9am my time and its a few hours away, once I have that finished i will be coming back and will start on everything

  9. The 25th, at 2230 est I believe

  10. who knows, havent really looked, just going to be on and when ever i have 6 ppl im starting

  11. ya ive seen handicapped chimps figure it out so i hope he knows

  12. Nice, im sure there will be more then enough on though so both shouldnt be needed

  13. Starts Thursday afternoon man, 20 times the xp, not going to take long to get level 100 at all at that rate

  14. In the afternoon from what im hearing

  15. ya it doesnt start until 5:30 gmt anyway

  16. lol tough break, lots of VLA want to do it, Heather, Eljay, Bill, i can prolly leave my dummy box in for you guys if need be

  17. ya, its def not something you wanna miss

  18. well it should only take me 4 games to get my achievement, so i wont be on for too long

  19. looks like a work from home day thursday so ill be rolling all day with it

  20. ya man, if ur game let me know, im at lvl 91 and will be knocking it out quick, but there are a lot of ppl in vla who will be going for it

  21. You may wanna come back to gears 2 next week, total of 16 KOTH "boosting matches" will give you the level 100 your missing if you were to start from level 1

  22. Ya I know that feeling to, i lost a couple I dont know if Id wanna do it a third time though,


    Super pumped about getting the wings done, then I only need seriously because i finished everything else last night

  23. confirmed x20 lol, wings will be done for sure then

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