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  1. Publishers use the achievements as selling point. I wonder if the publishers this time acted in a type of smart way. The original gamers may not have liked the grind fest, so this way the new guys can do it legit, but the exploits may sell the game to those that want a higher gamerscore. Bit like how it made sense when Naughty Dog released the Uncharted trilogy for PS4 but without the online required trophies. Christ how I wish they'd have done that back on PS3. Or 4AGames might just be shite at making games and couldn't be arsed to fixed the exploit. Gonna go back on M:LL. On the chase level where the achievement requires you to kill all guards during the chase scene. So far been shite at it. Gonna aim a touch in front me thinks. EDIT Just 5 achievements left to unlock on M:LL. Kill 15 people in stealth, set 2 on fire at once, kill everyone and the backup on the revolution stage. Then just ranger hardcore and standard. I have to say, this time around I actually preferred the ending which was supposed to be considered the bad ending. Just re-downloading BioShock Infinite and Fight Night: Champion on my turd account. Feel like slapping Tyson about the head for a bit
  2. I honestly think PC gaming could make a huge comeback due to the faults of both the PS4 and XONE. Most of us on here have been console gamers for many, many years. So we have decades worth of games to play, not to mention broken games and fan favourites get repaired even if the game remains broken by the devs. Then there's the steam sales on top quality games. The only thing is building a shit hot PC may cost double to what a console costs. But I suppose what you save in games will probably benefit you even within a year. With console slogans like "This is for the gamers", I think its actually PC's which have remained gamer faithful. Or I could just be talking out of my sexy arse. But thats crazy to think.
  3. Exactly. This is just a video game system where by if we make a mistake we should be able to rectify it. Please don't compare a poorly thought out gaming design to the actual hardships of life. I signed for it. Reason being.... "Deleting 0G games was a really cool feature. Sometimes you may sign into the wrong account and start a game up, then if you realised you were on the wrong profile you could simply delete it from your games list and then play it on the account you meant to play it on. It would be a great feature to bring back."
  4. I hear the redux version has a few exploits for the of the DLC achievements, as well as some of the original achievements not getting put back in. Gonna try and get this current playthrough done today, then it will be a case of one more mop achievement and then charge through ranger mode.
  5. Glad I looked at the homepage of this website. Snagged the season pass for BioShock Infinite. Can't turn down all the DLC for less that £6 as well as getting the game for free back on GWG. Even if I never end up playing it and just spew venom at its shitness... HA! But whilst the SexBox 360 was on, I fired up Metro:LL and got some of the traps disarmed. Should pop the last one on Contagion but can't be arsed to continue just yet. I take it BioShock Infinite leans more towards the original story as I'm sure I remember someone saying BS2 wasn't much to do with either.
  6. I think talk of a massive BC list has also put a dampner on 360 sales. If Ms turned around and released a list of what games are intended to be BC in the future, I'd check against what I have and if a majority are on it then I'd ditch the 360 at a charity shop and invest in the Xone. As it stands I don't have a friggin clue whats planned, so I'll most likely end up buying another 360 should my current 360 break at any point.
  7. Can you not download game patches to a USB from your PC, so that you can still game on the 360 without any hiccups?
  8. If she actually does like watching and not just saying it, then it could be that your missus is big on stories. Get her some of the episodic stuff like Walking Dead..... and what ever other stuff is out there. If she's bed ridden she doesn't need to be getting stressed over games or anything. Get he something she can ease into and enjoy in her own comfort.
  9. From previous experience I've had nothing but positive feedback to give Microsoft Xbox support. But I don't doubt the Lavster had a crap experience. Companies are bending over backwards to give the best customer service training possible, but they all forget one major thing. The staff can all get the best training in the world, but if their original personality is them being a natural arsehole, then all that training goes to shite. Then there's the staff who think they should be on 25k+ a year for dealing with customer queries. Gobshites. Hopefully you don't have to reopen this issue and dick about with it again, Lav.
  10. Next M:LL achievement to work on is the 10 trip wires. At the Sunset level but don't have the urge to play it. Thankfully the levels are short when you do play the game though. Its made mopping up much simpler. One month ago today I started the game. I think I did Skyim quicker than this. Then again Skyrim is a work of art that no one should put down until satisfied with their personal completion. Anyway. Microwavable food and movie time.
  11. Got to keep my eye out for a copy of Dark Souls. Missed out on so many sales and now that I want it the game is like rocking horse shite to find. Even pre-owned its over priced. Doubt a sale will arrive digitally anytime soon either, what with the devs/publishers doing that BC pre-order pish for Ddark Souls 3. In the strangest of ways, this has to be the fault of Bodidge.
  12. CEX was where I got Lost Odyssey from. Never usually go in there as they tend to buy games from people who use discs for door wedges or burning their weed supply on. Bought Lost Odyssey though because £2.50 is too good to miss out on. Just hope I don't get to disc 4 and its damaged lol. Not played the game for a very long time, but not since FFVII had I enjoyed one of those Japanese games. Only problem is that you can get to a point of no return if you didn't buy the right amount of this or picked up this & that. I got stuck on a boss on a boat battle and never went back to it. Might give it another go some time.
  13. Couldn't find a copy of Of Orc's and Men at any game shop in town this morning, but I did pick up a copy of Lost Odyssey for £2.50. The thought of changing 4 discs though... so tiring. Got a few more of the achievements on Metro: LL, yesterday. Might have another crack at that after some GTA-idge. EDIT Anyone from the UK. GAME had a top sale price for Dishonored: Definitive Edition for £9.99... brand new
  14. No mate. Traded that right away. Normally keep my games but that was beyond shite. Might be better of you using the official game site for when a game gets that old.

  15. Enjoyed it when I was a kid when playing it with a pal. Always remember the big boot kick and those weird hover bikes. Would never play it these days though. Might have another crack at Metro:LL. EDIT: Nope. Not a long enough break from it yet lol. Fire 3 shots and had to quit out.
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