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  1. I stoped reading at every cut scene so far can be skipped....
  2. I need help with a picture in fantasy land. The album is Discoveries, and i need to take a picture of the small world stand... but you were required to take one shot of this stand for the photo passes album too. Now when i go in the small blue circle and try to take a picture, it repeat the picture in the photo passes album instead of giving me the good one. Anyone know the solution to this?
  3. I forgot to thank you for leaving right after getting your achievement! I love teaming with people who leave and dont care about other guy achievement. So in other words, dont boost with evilclownbobo cause he will leave after he get his achievement done.
  4. we are currently and looking for a fourth to do the 5 wins on xbox live with 4 players. So please if you got the game and are interested it would be nice to get this done today! Thanks
  5. So if you got it too and wanna start grinding those multiplayers achievements send me a message GT : Tinyshade
  6. Is that the only timed event in the game?
  7. Hello, i just read on ign this information. When you start the "real" game as Adam Jenson, you have 15 minutes to reach the helipad. If you fail to do so, a side mission at the Sarif Manufacturing Plant will be forfeit. Don't worry about exploring the starting area where Frank Pritchard is -- you will return to this area (Sarif Industries HQ) after the story mission. My question is : Is there any other missable quest that i can miss if i take my time exploring the game lol.. i have to restart my game now and would appreciate not restarting again..
  8. Would someone willing to help me with the cloths i miss for the achievement? I need chef hat ( Obviously lol ) , queen set and women masquerade set! No worries ill be trading it right back... Thanks in advance GT: Tinyshade
  9. Golf 7/10 It works good, but i find it cheap that there is only 9 holes to play in. Darts 10/10 I'm really impressed by this one, after playing party in motion, i can say that any Darts Fan will be pleased with this one! Me and my wife had a blast playing this one, you have a aim reticule following your hand and the aim lock on when you draw back your arm to you and depending on how straight you throw, it will go to where your aim was! VERY FUN! Baseball 8/10 It is very fun, the only reason why i say 8/10 is because of the kinect latency that remove you a bit from the imersion... when you control the batter, you have to hit a good second before the ball get to you, but seriously, i dont find this a game breaker! So far, i can say that this game is as good as the first one, even if it was not made entirely by Rare! The other 3 sports i didnt try it yet, but will do tommorow! ( English isnt my first language )
  10. Haseo22

    Bonus xp

    If i attack the mobs with their weakness is it possible that i gain more souls after each fight? Nevermind found it the bonus xp seems to come from an overkill
  11. Haseo22


    I read on the web that when i die and lose souls and humanity i can retreive it by returning to my bloodstain i tried and cant have it back ... Am i doing anything wrong?
  12. Great thx for quick reply, i'm glad i didnt miss some important stuff
  13. Ok earlier today i talked to the guy that unlock/where you can buy miracles. I choose the option to talk to him and he asked me 700 souls, i had to decline because i didnt have enough. But now i have more than enough and he dont want to sell me whatever he wanted too anymore? Anyone know what i missed?
  14. 2 try too but be sure to pratice 3-3 before attempting it.
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