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  1. I think Exodus is one of the hardest.
  2. Getting the 360 version. Unless i get a PS3 anytime soon.
  3. I find X was the best. never triend X-2
  4. Resident Evil 5 was better buti still play Gears
  5. Welcome hope you like the site.
  6. 32''HDTV 3 wireless controllers 2 xbox's 4 headsets (none works) 3 guitars 2 rechargeable batteries 20GB Hardrive 120GB Hardrive Games -Army Of Two -Unreal Tournament 3 -Soul Calibur IV -Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway -Skate -Skate 2 -Halo 3 -Halo Wars -Gears Of War -Gears of War 2 -PGR 3 -Shawn White Snowboarding -Rockband 2 -Guitar Hero:Aerosmith -Guitar Hero 2 -GTA IV -Lego Indiana Jones (2) -KungFu Panda (2) -Assassins Creed -Mercanaries 2 -Rainbow Six Vegas 2 -Ninja Gaiden 2 -Call of Duty 4 -Call of Duty:World At War -Battlefield: Bad Company.
  7. Assassins creed has good ones and the Seriously 2.0 from gears 2 looks cool too.
  8. Im not sure but im soon gonna have it.
  9. I'm only at recruit
  10. I find the best thing to do is to get everybody to play prophet and just go kill the building first thing.
  11. Thats awsome. i had like 10 stars at the most.
  12. The more you build and the less you loose is the better multiplier.
  13. I was wondering on average how long you have to wait to find a match, because some times i have to wait 30 minutes just to get into a 3v3 match.
  14. That level is very annoying on every level. to bad you could not save the third transport.
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