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  1. Looking for someone to do this on the 360. I have a second controller! GT is ElDylto1612
  2. Gonna give this a shot, just started playing this game, looking for someone to boost gt ElDylto1612
  3. Still works as of 21st November 2017 Was going to do it the legit way, but after all the BS one-shot kills and all the rage at the "Ninja Jack" and "Hot zone Date" achievements I just thought "screw it"
  4. Just have, it's still open, but pretty much dead, so hopefully I can find someone to help!
  5. Gday, I am about to replay this game after a few years, I am just wondering if the multiplayer is still on? would like to try and get the achievements from it. If it is still on, I would also like some help boosting with it, GT is ElDylto1612
  6. This is the last achievement I need, I only have 16 mins of Co-op time GT is ElDylto1612 We can Cause chaos, or just Stand idle, your choice! Edit: Acheivement has been completed!
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