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  1. GunWorld: Xbox One Edition has odd points achievements as well. I had odd point achievements. I prefer my score to end in 0's & 5's
  2. So NBA 2K14 is the only Xbox One game so far with shutdown servers
  3. God bless this list & the original poster. This page is the reason I discovered this cool website & forum.
  4. Nice information. Are all or most digital games region free?
  5. Nice list, I had mine on True Achievements first but I hated that they count the stupid apps as part of your games so I switched.
  6. I like it for the satisfaction of doing something & also to get me to play other games I would think I would never play.
  7. So far it seems that this problem is only occurring for Rare Replay
  8. So people that are currently in the preview program are experiencing this, correct? If so I'm glad I got out of that months back.
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