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  1. So its been 4days snice I maxed out the Sam and Blade Wolf dlcs , and my Metal Gear Rising is still at 1110/1310G. Will I have to unlock them again, or are they gonna be lost forever? I know other ppl are having problems but does anyone know if this is gonna get fixed?
  2. So I was playing Metal Gear Rising(Without being on XBL) trying to get all the achievements for the Sam dlc. Had one hell of a time beating Armstong w/no damage+Revengce. Anyway, after 4hrs I did it, then 20mins later I had grinded the 100 quick draws kills. Boom! Dlc 100% 1210/1310G. I sign back on live 3hrs later, and my cards says 52 out of 60 achievements... but when I click on my game it saids 56 out of 60. +It says I only have 1110/1310G WTF! Iv'e tryed deleting/recovering my profile, even went out and did the whole dlc again(Oh god!) but nothing. Is there something I'm missing? Really need help here guys. Edit:Sorry for posting in this forum, kinda new to this site.
  3. Oh thx buds, but yeah hes kinda of a dick, he just thinks hes good and everyone sucks cus' he has the 600G out of Trials Evo. Btw, is Mega Man 10 harder to 200G then Mega Man 9?
  4. Hello Xboxachievements, I'm new to this site, and I just wanna to ask you all something. Based on these 10 games I have 100%(W/DLC) What would be my overall skill level be. I consider these to be my hardest games maxed out. Vanquish(1000) Devil May Cry 4(1000) Devil May Cry HD(1000) Silent Hill HD(1000) Metal Gear Soild HD(1000) Black Knight Sword(400) Mega Man 9(200) Street Fighter X Tekken(1000) Sonic Adventure 2(500) Dead Rising, only cus' of 14 Day Survivor(1000) Just wondering cus' my friend keeps telling me I suck and I have no skill. Feel free to tell me if I suck, I won't be mad.
  5. Yeah dude I'm down anytime, inv me, I love Mercs Reunion(I play Barry) and always go for SS+150 combo.
  6. Mission Street, by far the hardest level in the game! 4/5 of the A Ranks are burtal(save for "Find the lost cho" one.) Honestly 80% of the levels are pretty hard.
  7. Gears of War 3, Devil May Cry 4, Vanqiush or Super Street Fighter IV? Witch one do you guys think compares the most to NG2 in terms of 100%?
  8. Oh and yeah, make sure to learn how to use those I.F when dodging. Really makes a difference.
  9. I don't see many ppl w/a 100% on this game, so I'd just like to give my top 5 tips for beating Arcade Mode. 5.Don't worry about the ingame timer, it won't kill you if it hits zero. 4.Always upgrade your knights hp(3x) magic(x1) and buy armor always. 3.Always attack w/fully Charge hits. 2.Don't hold "X" during shoot em' up part(Stage 3 Boss.) 1.Never give up, this game is hard, but if you fail enuff you will get better, trust me. + this game is beast.
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