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  1. Faulty strum bar issue being reported by multiple people. Hang on to your receipt if you decide to drop the 99 dollars on this one. I returned two guitars before giving up.
  2. Not just you guys. Lots of people are having the same issue and I believe it is a hardware issue with the guitar. There are even a couple of youtube clips of people showcasing the problem. The strum bar on this version of the guitar seems to be the culprit. And it appears to be really shoddy. In particular, it is the down strum that is going out for most people. My first one lasted 5 hours/ish before it started to do the either no registering the strum or registering randomly 1 to 3 strums. I returned it to gamestop thinking it was just damaged in shipping and picked up another one. My new one lasted only an hourish before the exact same issue started happening again. Resetting, calibration after endless calibration etc. did nothing to solve the issue once it surfaced. This was extremely frustrating because of how much fun the game is when it works properly. But then again its 2015 so why should they bother shipping a product that actually works. Anyway, returned the second one and put my money toward fallout and battlefront. You had one last chance plastic instrument genre and you blew it.
  3. I have Rhen'ho and Taskers. What are the stats on your Serpent, Jeram, and tall man's. I'm also looking for the Amulets that make you immune to ice and lightning as well as a Fire Skill Int Stone of Jordan.
  4. I'm looking for any of the Angelic wings as well as a level 70 witching hour belt. I have a stockpile of items. GT: xRogue 5x
  5. Right now i'm looking for a low level legendary ring: Signature of Leoric. Preferably, level 12. My gamertag on xbox one is xRogue 5x I have a handful of items, power level, just let me know what you need. I'm also looking for some level 70 Tasker and Theo gloves as well.
  6. If you've already done the "Made it out alive" achievement on the 360 for extinction it is bugged on the One.
  7. The xp is much much better with two people. In multiplayer the game throws more enemies at you and it is easier to build up and keep a large combo and combos are the key to high xp per match.
  8. Yeah, same here. I had that achievement glitch as well as my brother, but for once at least it was a glitch in our favor.
  9. Make sure to load the custom roster before starting the connected franchise.
  10. They are. You can get all head to head in one game and the Mut Achievements are all in one season. There aren't a lot of people playing the game at the moment. Me and my brother were able to boost all of Mut season stuff in one go. Only encountered one or two randoms. You don't have to play the whole game either, whoever is losing can just quit out. Also, the superbowl Mut achievement appears to be glitched but in a good way. Both me and my bro got the superbowl achievement after our first win.
  11. Add Me. GT: xRogue 5x Active and looking to get the 100 invasions and 100 repels done.
  12. Looking for a lvl 61 Hide of Terromorphus shield preferably with the grounded pefix. I've farmed him over 200 times now and he just doesn't want to give it up. If someone could dupe it or pass me one I'd be most appreciative. I'm on pretty much all the time my gt is: xRogue 5x I have a few random legendaries to trade if needed.
  13. Yep, those were the ones that gave me a fit to find as well. I had to do a lot of deep digging in the bowels of the internet to find information on them. I can help with most of them. Short Sword level 1: Play as the dwarf, select chapter 2 (village of tristan?) not sure of name, right at the beginning of the level you'll see some houses at the top of the screen and a cap in the fencing, press up at this gap and you will enter a secret room, and one of the chests in this room should drop the sword. If not just reload and try again until it does. Hand Axe lvl 2: I'm not sure where I picked this one up, sadly, I got frustrated with trying to find the last few treasures and joined several online games and played for a bit and then quit out of them. Strangely, after one of these quick sessions I had somehow picked up the Hand axe level 2. Circlet: Select the thief and you can steal one off of one of the sword wielding shadow elves. To steal dash into the enemy and an item will occasionally pop out. Shield of Protection from evil: This is from game faqs: [stage 10-4 :- Battle Royal] ---------------------------- You will enter a shop after you defeat Ezerhorden. Stock up on LBOs and Hammers. [scene 1] You will be running up a tower, with lots of encounters. [scene 2] The stage starts with you entering a hall. Directly down are two treasure chests and some gems and cash, and of course, traps. The room at the top is blocked with flames, and the second with lightning, which can be turned off by moving to the right end of the room and opening the chests there. Be careful of arrow traps between the two small flames. The two rooms contains Bottle of Efreet, Ring of Djinn Summoning and Egg of Wonder. You can see 4 Gargoyles as you proceed. If you do not have a magical weapon or spells or rings you can lure them to the ceiling trap and let the trap hit them. Behind the wall of ice between the Gargoyles is a hidden room. Inside the room you can find a chest surrounded by ice cones. That chest contains a Shield of Protection from Evil. To get past the ice cones to get the shield I used the dwarf's cannonball move. Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't be of more help with the Hand axe one.
  14. Just keep moving back and forth. The enemy AI can't keep up and you will eventually be able to land a backstab. You could also join in with a second controller and while the enemy is attacking them come in from behind.
  15. If I remember right you can get a wand of paralysis in level 5-A. Simply swing it like a normal weapon against the enemies. Every hit counts toward the challenge. Just look up the weapon on the gamefaqs guide for the game.
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