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  1. See thread here: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=683479
  2. I have put in close to 35 hours on this game. I currently have 109/164 Achievements and 72% of all genes unlocked. Some of the achievements are really easy, whilst some, like "Not Another Sombie Game" require luck to initiate which takes the piss. I have played that specific scenario over 40 times, with no luck. But then, you could play it again and wallah, it'll work. Good job the game is fun and they keep adding to it. Otherwise it just wouldn't be enjoyable.
  3. You cannot complete any of the achievements through the tracker for the Vampire DLC. When you do it and it reloads, they remain there, unchecked...
  4. Hi guys Quick guide I made on getting the WWE Unuverse achievements as some if them are a bit vague/difficult to get: Universe Master: - I would advise doing the other achievements first as you physically have to play some matches to get them and this will go towards this achievement - choose cage match as it is the fastest - This can only be done in WWE Universe - Climb out - Rinse and repeat - Achievement will pop once you have won your 50th match Future of the WWE: - SIM to Wrestlemania - select to play the WWE Wrold Heavyweight Championship match - You will be prompted to select if you want to cash in whoever owns the MITB br if case - Click yes - When the match starts select the person who is cashing it in - Remember to BEAT the champion which should be easy as you have a stored finisher and they are pretty dead by this point. - After the cut scene, the achievement will pop. Face of the WWE: - Go to Customize Universe - Click on edit calendar - Delete Main Event - Add a new event and make sure it is a Major event for Tuesday, Friday and Saturday - Make sure they all have at least 11 participants - Make sure the WWE champion is the same person, even when you have to Chang belts - Once this is done, back out and click on Edit Superstars - Select the superstar who is the champion in all shows - Scroll down to "Affiliated Show" - Make sure they are all set to on - If they already are, set one to off then back to on and press Accept - Once done, the achievement will pop Destined for Greatness: - Go to WWE Universe - Go to calendar - Sim the whole year - It may take a few goes (mine took 3) but it will auto-pop after you restart the year Attitude adjustment: - Go to WWE Universe - Go to Customise Universe - Select edit superstar - Go to John Cena - Look at his personality trait, it should say prideful - Go to Personality Traits - Increase Aggressive all the way then take it back one - Go back to play matches - Edit the first match to be an Extreme Rules match with John Cena and another superstar - Go mental with weapons, do an OMG moment put him through a table pin and win - After the match finishes it the achievement will pop Actions speak louder than words: - As above but rather than go all the way with aggressive, go until Prideful changes to Aggressive then go back one so it says Prideful again - Then change the match to above and do exactly the same and the achievement will pop at the end of the match Leave Me Alone: - To make this easier, you will need to buy the WWE2k16 Accelerator pack if you haven't already got it. It costs £1.59 or whatever that is in $ - Go to WWE Universe - Go to Customise Universe - Edit superstars - Pick any superstar that you want to INJURE - go to attributes - Put the following to one: Stamina Recovery, Damage Recovery, Head Durability, Body Durability, Arm Durability, Leg Durability, Reversal, Strike Reversal, Grapple Reversal, Aerial Reversals, Technical Submission Defense - Go to hit point ratio - Put the following to 600.0 pts: Head, Body, Arms - Go to status effects - You want to make sure that, after doing the rest of this, the Critical Injury reads Active - Check this after every match, it will go Minor, Major, Critical - I would focus on the Head/Body as they are the easiest - Next select a different superstar that you want to hurt the other superstar with - Go to attributes and put all of them as high as they can go - Although time consuming, it will make this easier - Once done go to Play Matches - Press LB to edit the match and put it as an Extreme Rules match - Select both superstars as the competitors with the full stat superstar as P1 - Go mental - Hit them with everything, do all of the OMG moments through the Annkunce table and the 3 spears through the corners of the barricade - Put the through a table - Hit them with every weapon - It's a bit of a grind but if you spend time hurting him in every match it will work - It took me all 7 matches to get the critical injury needed - You will see the progress of your chosen superstar in the messages, they will be in green. When he is critical it will be red - The achievement will pop once he is critical The Celtic Warrior: - once the above is done - Go to Calendar - Sim for 2 months - This is literally about said superstar recovering - Once he has recovered the achievement will unlock Road to Wrestlemania: - Sim to the Rumble - SIM each match - View the winner of the a Rumble - Sim to Mania - SIM each match until the championship - Click to play - DO NIT cash in the MITB - select the CHALLENGER - WIN - Achievement will pop upon winning the match (Secret Achievement) Phenom vs Scorpion: - Sim to Wrestlemania - Edit any match to be between Sting and Undertaker - Play and Win - Achievement will unlock once the match has been won
  5. Morning all! EA have just announced that. A gameplay video will drop today 9PM UK/1PM PT. Link here: http://bit.ly/pzw4VD
  6. With the announcement on YouTube tomorrow (UK Time), what improvements would you guys like to see in FIFA 16? My first few suggestions would be: - More recognised Referees/Linesmen - The Referee spray! - Better advantage rule. For example, when your man is offside, but, he doesn't intefer with play the advantage rule should be in place. - In career mode, to be able to request a transfer and to specifically suggest a club - In career again, when your pro is awesome and you request to leave - for the club to at least be interested and not just let you go after 2 requests.
  7. I tried the guide button, reloading and going through the motions. It didn't work. Even coming out press the menu button and quitting. Still resulted in the never ending please wait. I would always recommend doing that, but I'm just assuming most people would've already tried it. Unfortunately for me, this method was the only one to work. Even more annoyingly - I lost around 4 hours...
  8. Ha! You know what I mean! @The Carrot Cake Kid - also a great reply. The first method worked for me, but not my friend. So the second method worked for him. My bad on my stupid use of England.
  9. Obviously there are issues with the saving in this game including but not limited to: save times being wrong, not being able to save the game at all, suspended power mode not working and games just not doing what they're supposed to do. A new one I've experienced is when the game loads, you press "any button to continue" and it just says "please wait" ... Forever. EDIT: First of all, you should just press the guide button and go to the Home Screen - then go back. If that doesn't work, do the same again, but press the menu button and quit, then retry. (Would've included but was writing on my phone) Credit: SpinelesS. The fix is: 1) Completely Power Down your Xbox One by pressing and holding the power button. 2) Load The Witcher and see if it works. If it does not work: 3) Uninstall the game. 4) Power Down. 5) Reinstall the game. Theses two methods 100% work (I would edit this, because my use of English is terrible. But, it's already been pointed out :-P) Hopefully there will be a patch out soon!
  10. I know this thread is really, really old. But, I JUST got this achievement. It doesn't have to be with a certain player, you don't need to hold LT + RT, I got it by running with the ball, and pressing RB+B with my created Pro. Video can be found here. And yes, I am playing for Accrington Stanley (who are dey!?)
  11. Never played the Witcher before. But, I am looking forward to this!
  12. Looks awesome! But, having just put nearly 400 hours into DragonAge: Inquisiton and nearly 100 hours into GTA V.. I'm all but spent! Ha. Can't wait though, this is EXACTLY my kind of game.
  13. Watch out, we got a badass over here...
  14. Looks... Interesting. First time I've heard of this game.
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