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  1. If you have enough people/controllers its very easy, but one achievement for 100G is heavily luck based.
  2. BAE10x

    Estimated Time to 100%

    Took me 30 minutes for 900G. Last 100G took solid 4 hours because its extremely luck based. Technically this 1000G can take you under 30 minutes or hundreds of hours depending on luck...
  3. How do I backup my save file on a USB??
  4. This achievement took exactly 4 months of logging in every day. It unlocked for me today and without notification. I just noticed the higher GS on my xbox profile.
  5. This just happened to me so they never fixed it I bought each one, turned them all off and on too and nothing popped this last achievement. Have to go through every story level again and hope it works :/
  6. On the bottom right of the inventory screen it shows the seeds you have collected. You can only turn in 6 (I got 100% collectibles) but there is an empty spot for a 7th seed. Future DLC maybe?
  7. Both KH compilations are on xbox store and Im downloading now. I was really skeptical about the feb 18th release date since we didnt get any announcement and I still dont see any physical copies. Very weird release but of course Im happy
  8. Im not sure why the achievements list shows the DLC as free when it is $5.99 unless the devs priced it later?
  9. This game has one of the glitchiest achievement lists I have ever seen. I played all episodes in the dory, cars, UP, and toy story worlds and very few of the achievements have actually unlocked. Only one achievement unlocked at a time from the start (like mentioned above) but even after maxing out the progress bar for different episodes I still dont have the "complete this world" achievements or even one of the first achievements you should get like "unlock a buddy". And yes I was connected to Live the whole time and replaying levels doesnt seem to unlock anything either. Its also been days now so I doubt its just delayed too. BS
  10. Im looking for help with the design storefront achievement. Message me on xbox. BAE 10
  11. I recently started playing this and wanted to mention that you can still get the Horizon Rally DLC if you get a code from gamestop (or affiliated)
  12. I need help on that quest too and a couple others, like Out of the Darkness. Im lvl 50+ with 2300 str. Send me a message on X1. Gamertag: BAE 10
  13. I enjoyed all other Naruto games but I dont like PvP or online achievements. Is there anything you can do by yourself in this game (how much)? And for multiplayer battles is there an option to go against AI? I really want to get this game but not if its only online.
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