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  1. Delete the thread. Didn't realize it was against the rules, sorry. Just spreading around what helped me.
  2. There should be at least 8 hazmat zombies, so you should be able to beat the challenge without the explosions killing any other zombies. Just make sure you just shoot the tank and not the hazmat suit zombie. If the hazmat zombie dies it won't count when it explodes so its very important you just shoot the tank. Just jump from bus to bus and shoot the tanks. If you want to see how I did it go to 12:55 in the youtube video. Hope it helps.
  3. Weird, when I did the last mission it gave me the 3% and the achievement. Although it did get stuck on a few side quests, I guess you can't trust the percentage. I have never seen a game with such glitchy/bugged achievements a little consistency would be nice. I am praying that Battlefield Hardline goes smoother.
  4. You should be done. I finished all side quests and did the Clinic mission and I was at 97% before the last main quest of the game. The ending of the game gave me the last 3%, which got me to 100%
  5. Yeah this was the most difficult challenge. What worked for me was aim down your sights and take your time. They're two Goons each take four headshots to kill so shoot one he will slam his hammer down and then shoot the other one. After that shoot a regular zombie and repeat, until both Goons are dead (Take note that the Goon's hammer slam will kill regular zombies.) You should roughly be at 12. Once the starting area has been mostly cleared go up the ramp to the freeway and kill the zombies there. I wouldn't bother trying to get a headshot on the virals just kill them quickly and go for regular zombies. Once you cleared the ramp you should be around 26 from there just try to get stragglers from the starting area. If you’re running out of time and need that last few headshots aim high and fire from the hip as it is pretty accurate. I did all the challenges on my channel you can view this challenge here: I failed miserably the first time and found out that if you shoot a zombie in the face from a far distance it won't count as a headshot even though you shot him in the head. So get relatively close to zombies before shooting them. That is the best I can do without being in-game with you. It is a very frustrating challenge, which takes a lot of luck to beat.
  6. Seems like everybody has had glitches in this game, but I really didn't have any. The only glitch/bug I had was in the O Brother Where Art Thou? mission when there is an explosion while your in the vents. My player got stuck in the collision and the camera was jerking everywhere. I couldn't move so I quit and reloaded my save and it worked perfectly the second time. Other than that it was a flawless glitch/bug free game.
  7. Thanks for sharing, in the description of the youtube link there is a map. I marked the warehouse. They're four I believe in the warehouse that has a hole in the ceiling. Two on one wall and two on the opposite wall. When I was doing the Bandages and Meds quest I didn't look in there it was only when I was doing a different quest that I saw them. It would have saved me a ton of time if I went there first. Good Catch!
  8. Yeah I too was frustrated at the first because I had been scavenging for syringes and painkillers for awhile, but once I got my first one and knew how to get them it went way smoother. Especially the lighter gas I got all of them in like a minute, after I knew what I was doing. I really enjoyed the missions, because it wasn't go to this marker and retrieve/kill something. It was search Harran for items wherever they may be.
  9. Hello Runners Bandages and Meds Mission: Make sure the quest is active before going for the medboxes, if it isn't the painkillers and syringes won't spawn. Instead you will get gauze. Lighter Gas Mission: Again make sure the quest is active. You can find lighter gas in houses: closets, cupboards, etc. There is a lot more lighter gas then painkillers and syringes, so they should be easy to find. In the description of the youtube video there is a map that shows medbox locations. Feel free to update the map with more medbox locations. Also it shows where I got the lighter gas, medboxes, and a ton of coffee. Be Safe Out There
  10. You should be able to get the Kidney even if the bomber explodes. When I had the quest active I was heading down to bombers locations on the map and ran into one before I got there. The bomber exploded I searched the half body and got the kidney.
  11. I am looking to do all co-op and heist missions, plus get all sync points in co-op and have fun. I am in need of three more people. Mics would be preferred, but its not a deal breaker. Oh, almost forgot my guy is at 5 stars and I am at Elite Veteran rank, so I am pretty leveled up. Reply to this post or message me on Xbox Live. GT: LackedVirus 1) LackedVirus 2) 3) 4)
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