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  1. I don't think they will let go of the 360 as soon as people think. Microsoft are money hogs and the 360 is still a huge money maker for them (Besides that fact that the X1 sucks) i give it another 5 years before they let it go, as for what im going to do 'when' they do? Move to PS4, done with mircosoft and their failed attempts at making media console i mean video game console.
  2. Skyrim and like Brako Von Cruel said LO is a great JRPG. Now i need a new fighting game, i have: MvC 3 DoA 4 Injustice GMU UFC 09 WWE14 and MK 9, Any ideas?
  3. I must bitch, hmm it isnt the 360 and i won't pay that price tag for a media center haha. Sticking with the 360 till it dies off then moving to sony the X1 just isnt that good to many problems and too few on the game selection. Yes i know that will change it time just make no sense to get a a X1 when i have 100+ 360 games to play and everyone i know refuses to buy one O.o.
  4. R G Best


    Been using X360A for...well ever and had to make an account. Hello to everone here, and hope to have fun and make lots of...achievenments (Oh! and friends to haha).
  5. 1. Famas (BO1) 2. M40A3 (CoD4) 3. Intervention (MW2) 4. UMP (MW2) 5. ACR (MW2)
  6. 1. N64 2. Xbox 360 3. Sega Dreamcast 4. Sega Genesis 5. Game Boy Advance
  7. 1. Dark Souls 2. Call of Duty: Black ops 3. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls 4. Red Dead Redemption 5. Chrome Hounds
  8. I noticed that their are 4 online achievements, but i can't seem to figure out the 4th, the ones i know of are: Online Venture 30 Victory Banquet 30 Mutual Exchange 30 Any ideas?
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