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  1. Credit goes to Das Kuhnen: he said that he also had this issue and that it popped when he went to planetbase game hub and across to achievement so i tried this and it popped for me too, possible solution here, let me know if it works for you guys. TL;DR - go to planetbase game hub and across to achievements, it should pop.
  2. Ok so i'm after the robo colony achievement which on me list says 100% and i should have unlocked it but it isnt unlocking, i have 140 colonists and 85 robots. Any tips would be appreciated. Try messaging my gamertag the answer as i don't check this often (ashleyk3) but will try and remember to come back and check
  3. Ok i want to put this together to help beginners find the strange aet armour as its very good to start out with. Rivacheg - Strange armour and Strange short sword. As you enter Rivacheg (walking around town) find the armourer and follow the path to his left all the way down, when you come to a dead end look right and open the chest inside the pile of hay. Please add any info on the other pieces, thanks.
  4. All in the title, cant find anybody online to finish the multiplayer achievements
  5. ok thanks, but figured it out in the end
  6. so this undo slider, how do i get it to work?
  7. dont, this is what im moaning about, i have it for xbox one, i reached ny linit in less than an hour on challenge mode
  8. it doesnt make much sense at all, the xbox one is capable of so much more, i understand it being dulled down for 360. i guess all i can do is get the high level animals
  9. im surprised this isnt a thread yet but i would avoid buying this until you see news of dlc or an update increasing zoo limit. the game itself is absolutely great but is totally ruined by the fact you can only have about 7 enclosures and a few food stalls before your building limit is reached, meaning no more animals or nothing! your zoo is very small and is about 40 mins of gameplay. if anybody finds any news on future updates ect please post as i can find no official forums for this game.
  10. i dont get how you guys are finding people, im still waiting 20-30+ mins for a match, disgusting wait time
  11. thanks for letting me know, i hope they fix it quick!
  12. yer it is 5am here, i have had this game 4 and a half hours now and managed to play 1 game (and that was all AI). just been sat playing on my phone instead.
  13. thos game is dead, havnt found 1 person all night
  14. no i dont, that is the problem, thanks
  15. is anybody having trouble getting the fragment for academia map?...i have explored 100% but when i go to 400AF it wont hand in
  16. yer ive been looking on that site but not seen nothing saying whether it is or isnt coming to 360, if not ill get it for my pc
  17. wow...still heard nothing from this game, im looking forward to it less and less
  18. can you actually get amodar?...i have fought them about 15 times and only got lightnings crystal (in 1st fight)
  19. no, its just i am trying to open every gate and have forgotten which WA ive alrdy collected and dont want to waste too much time lol
  20. guys, i have just noticed you can get wild artifacts for 7500 casino coins...so no worries, easily done
  21. but im guessing this has to be used for the paradox ending and doesnt stack?
  22. another question regarding wil artifacts. can i keep turning back the time and collecting the same wild artifact?
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