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  1. Is it just me or is there a link missing on here? I cant see where it says play anywhere?
  2. me and my mate were trying to find each other all week and couldnt get each other once, always "couldnt find a room" and "didnt meet conditions", yesterday morning we got 10 each every time, we got it by me setting up the option to accept challengers while in practice mode (just sit at the character selection screen and wait for your boosting partner to join) when your at the character selection screen your friend searches quick match and boom your in.. hope this helps (and hope it works for you)..
  3. im looking to boost this send me a message if anyone wants to do it
  4. need all online if anybody wants too boost?? friends request me
  5. anybody still needing the achievement send me a friends request and a message over xbox live, need 8 players to max out the xp, cheers WhiskeyWarriors
  6. i have just booted this in half an hour ago, assuming that all the unlockable achievements (unlock all shoes etc) come along for gold starring everything this should be very easy, i have all gold stars so far on the ones ive done and i am rubbish on it, (mainly because i'm not a 9 year old girl so ballerina poses dont come natural) also it looks very simple, such as the acting it seems like there are only 5-6 poses to learn, it just keeps asking for the same stuff over and over again.
  7. is anybody getting an error when trying to upload? it wont let me something about user privileges or something????? any help please?
  8. I keep having the same it freezes after every match.. EA games are just Shit.
  9. i had the same problem this morning, but it seems to be working now, be warned it takes about 10 minutes to load in to a match
  10. i am looking for somebody to do the online achievements for this please msg me my tag is WhiskeyWarriors looking to do this asap. cheers
  11. Hi Boys and girls, we need 2 more for the rogue warriors boosting session, so anybody wanting to get involved send me a msg/fr to WhiskeyWarriors The first the msg will be the ones involved, cheers!!
  12. At the minute this is the only japanese game that has been region free.. all the others you will need a japanese box to play any of them.
  13. I am looking to boost the online asap so send me a msg if anybody is interested, gt: WhiskeyWarriors
  14. send me a msg if anyone wants to do the online, im on all day/night so if anyone wants to do it give me a shout.. WhiskeyWarriors
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