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  1. Ah man! I have to disable the entire DVR? That seems extreme, but I hardly use it anyways. I don't have a Kinect so I can just re-enable it when I want to record something. Or when I'm not playing GTA, Ryse, or any game that auto records EVERY move. I mean; what's so special about sniping someone, that the Xbox thinks you want it recorded. Ugh Thanks man ~~~ADDED After looking through the XBOX's settings and reading online, you can no longer disable the DVR, but you can disable notifications. The space used by the DVR is already reserved for that purpose so it doesn't affect your available memory. However, I don't want to disable notifications, because I like the achievement sound, just not followed by "FILM CLIP SAVED"
  2. Help! I'm SO tired of seeing "Film Clip Saved" pop up in games for stupid reason, mainly noticeable on GTA5, I mean it records you sniping someone of you're scoped in, it records you if you weave in & out of traffic without hitting anyone. It records when you shoot down helicopters, it records a ton of useless and mundane stuff. How do I disable this? It bothers me so much that I've almost stopped playing GTA all together, I've looked through GTA's menu and everywhere I could think, no help though.
  3. Honestly, story wise, Crysis 1 was my favorite. But Crysis 3 had that awesome compound bow, added a great dynamic to multiplayer. ~~ADDED That's pretty much what I'm saying, I'm not asking for fancy complete remastered graphics, or even updated graphics, just all on 1 disk for Xbox One. And again to reiterate, the Crysis series was made for PC, they all already run on Windows, Boyd Multerer's interview states that it doesn't take much to port windows game to X1. Link Here He says "The [Xbox One] is definitely easier to develop for, and that goes a long way. We spent a lot of time making sure that if you know how to write a game in DirectX in Windows, you already know how to write a game in Xbox One, and the games that are being written for Windows 8 that are using DX are porting really quickly to Xbox One. Like often in a day, maybe two."
  4. Ah, yeah. I see, you've made perfect sense honestly. Well I can still dream, right? While I'm at it, check out these 4K screenshots of Crysis 3. The guy who snapped them said that it only ran at about 2-3 frames per second at this resolution. *Plays Crysis with HDMI Passthrough on Xbox One*
  5. I'm saying I don't think it's best that devs do this, but he, if it could generate a little revenue for CryTek and help them out a bit, it'd be a win / win. A band that I love recently almost disbanded. As a last ditch effort they Re-released their initial album and sold it. Before the re-release only about 200 of the albums existed. It saved them a bit, why not CryTek?
  6. Is like to add that I'm not asking for just a ton of rehashed precious gen games made for current gen. It just seems to be a trend, would love to be able to play Crysis without "console swapping". A ton of developers are capitalizing on the fact that the current gen consoles do not run last gen titles and are "remastering" & re releasing them. I'm not advocating this trend, simply saying, why not get a Crysis collection on Xbox One if we can?
  7. Oh wow, thank you! I didn't even know all that. Shows how much I know about game developers. This brings up a question of... I wonder if, we could somehow show them [CryTek] how much we want this and it just be a straight port, at this point, forget 1080p and 60fps. All Crysis games run on Windows already, and the port process (from what Microsoft said) from Windows to Xbox One is incredibly easy. Hell, if easily pay $100 for this. I'm sure it'd be released at the typical $60, which would be a steal. Thanks for all the information though.
  8. But... What about Ryse and FarCry 4? I mean, I know CryTek is more into the "Game Engine" market, and most the games they release are simply to showcase their engine, but we all know, Crysis was XBOX's "Resistance" contender. Both amazing games. And can anyone provide more information about CryTek's financial situation? I'd heard nothing of it.
  9. First off, I LOVE Crysis 1-3, I've never played Warhead, I think the gameplay is great and the story is decent. Wouldn't it be nice to have a "Crysis Collection" for Xbox One, including AT LEAST; Crysis, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, updated 1080p res, 60fps. Possibly even include "Crysis: Warhead", remastered graphics, keep the sounds/music the same, love the originals, and I'd say multiplayer be optional since it seemed to die out so quickly before, even though elements of ot are being used in most every other FPS now. What do you guys/girls think?
  10. My girlfriend has fallen in love with Halo. So try Halo: MCC. Halo 4 was the first game she has EVERY played. She's 27!!! Also, she's created her own character on Destiny now, she's growing up. :')
  11. Thanks! I have JUST recently started REALLY playing Destiny and was reading the cards on my phone last night, good stuff. Thanks!
  12. I've found 21 ghost, not looking. I don't even know what they do... Do you get something for finding them all or just Grimorie cards?
  13. "Crysis Collection" please? Crysis 1 Crysis: Warhead Crysis 2 Crysis 3 On 1 disk, 1080p, 60FPS, multiplayer isn't a must but it'd be a nice addition. Also is say "Crysis: Warhead" be optional as well. Just the main title releases. ~~EDIT~~ MY BAD!! I misread the thread title! Anyways, "Crysis Collection" still stands. But ORIGINAL xbox games. 1) Bloodwake 2) Gunmetal 3) MechAssault (Linux Exploit Version please haha)
  14. Oh god, I think it was Halo 4 before the champion DLC pack. Last one that is STILL 1000/1000 is "Crysis" I believe. Can't see them on my One. Haven't aced an Xbox One title yet. Hopefully going to get Halo: MCC, that's a ton of Gamerscore.
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