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  1. Isn’t it ironic that watch dogs legion also launched with a game breaking glitch?
  2. I can’t believe I am posting about this but the glitch STILL EXISTS, THIS TIME ON PC! What a joke!
  3. You can boost this solo using a method on true achievements. Took me four tries and 10 minutes to get it.
  4. Wanting to get the achievement for taking a picture of four agents! Please DM me: Lorne
  5. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  6. I only need 3 achievements and my luck with the COU is running out so let’s boost these three achievements: - play 5 rent cards in a single match - double rent on a blue set with hotel - and one other one I can’t remember GT: Lorne
  7. Really Pants Party, really? You deleted my post I made after you posted the achievement guide saying that it seems easy but will be a grind? This forum has gone downhill. Is there any way to permanently delete my account? I'm over your bullshit. Just fucking ban me.
  8. tried to power level my 2nd character by using XP boosts and went into the strike playlist. Bracus whatever, 5 times in a row, the big screamer thing, once. talk about BORING.
  9. The dialog that was given to dinklebot was garbage, the tragedy that was the mutilated story was garbage. I would've gotten sick of bungie and never came back as well. I've never liked Peter Northbot, I just straight up ignore his dialogue when he speaks.
  10. 2, use post production to change it enough. I miss Peter Dinklage asking the real questions here.
  11. I'm near the beginning of the game and need someone to give me a bunch of stuff just so I can power through the game, I am a knight. If anyone has stuff they want to give, please message me at GT: Lorne thanks
  12. the quest won't even start when reading the quest book and when you find katia or whatever the journal isn't on her body.. I really wish Bethesda gave a fuck about fixing bugs in their games. Have to start a new game to do this, fuck man. Also, who knows if I will have to start a new game again for the 15 daedric artifacts
  13. from the dead, they didn't bother to fix this for xbox one either. What a bunch of cucks.
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