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  1. I need 4 other people to boost for the Invincibles achievement as there is no one playing this game anymore. Anyone interested please? Before the servers shut down. GT: TheMightyRoast
  2. I need to boost 4 wins in a row on FUT draft please. You'll need 75,000 coins to enter the draft four times for four losses, but you'll get loads of packs in return, and one entry where you will win. GT: TheMightyRoast
  3. Hi My friend's website has a guide for FIFA 16 on the 360: http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/xbox360/index.php?lang=eng&game=FIFA-16
  4. Anyone want to help me with the online achievements. Please add me as a friend. I need the co-op seasons achievement and the two friendly seasons ones. Thanks. GT: themightyroast
  5. Hi, I am also interested in boosting the online world cup achievements. Not sure how to do it but if others know that will be good. Thanks. I have now done these achievements and don't want to boost any more.
  6. I noticed this as well. Only way to have the boots is to unlock them before you start CYC mode as there is no option to edit your pro. And I'm not going to start the mode again.
  7. But probably there will be lots of Road to Rio items in the EAS FC Catalogue so winning it shouldn't be too difficult.
  8. This is covered in the FIFA 14 guide here; http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/xbox360/index.php?lang=eng&game=FIFA-14&page=Game-Modes--Ultimate-Team#0 Contracts can be applied to players, or managers, so that they can play, or manage, in more matches for you. Bronze contract cards work best on bronze players/managers, silver on silver and gold on gold. Again you can get up to a 50% boost on contracts through your staff. The managers have a negotiation percentage. Once these add up to 50% or over amongst all the managers in your club you will get that 50% boost whenever you apply a contract consumable, otherwise you will get a lesser boost based on the total of their negotiation percentages. Because of this it is worth stocking up on managers with negotiation percentages early on in Ultimate Team so that you always get maximum boost on contracts.
  9. You can press LT to send all items to your club in one action (or two if you include clicking on yes when the confirmation box pops up). Any duplicate non-consumables will stay as they can't go into your club. Make sure not to press RT which is to quick sell all your items.
  10. All the people with giant afros in real life shouldn't read this thread. They'd burst out crying if they did.
  11. Januzaj is 61-rated, a bronze player, yet he is in the Manchester United first team playing better than all the gold rated players.
  12. The other one is easy too. Feyenoord to score in the 4 minutes of injury time then to win in extra time.
  13. But you got the free gold pack before, otherwise you're getting two gold packs for completing the tasks.
  14. Eto'o, to score a hat-trick against Man U, starting 15 minutes in. Some Saudi team to come from behind 3-0 at half-time and win 4-3
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